Create A Profile

A profile summarizes your unique background and experiences to tell your story. This is not a resume, but an organized way to tell who you are professionally, and future goals. If you have used LinkedIn, you might already know what a Profile can do, and how it is different from a resume.

So, create a profile in JobFindah and summarize your professional goals, work experiences, educational history, awards, language skills and much more. Add a photo of yourself and show-off your best smile.

Oh, did we tell you that you can also upload your photo and show-off your best smile. Better yet, share that video of yours from that presentation, speech, award ceremony or TV interview. You can also upload a video resume and stand out from the crowd. So, show your creativity and create a profile.

You can decide to keep your profile private, or visible to the recruiters. If you want it to be visible, use important keywords relevant to your uniqueness to make your profile stand-out in search results. Choose relevant keywords in your professional headline, career summary and other areas.

After creating your profile, you can also upload a resume and cover letter to be ready to apply for jobs. In fact, you can tailor your resume for different jobs and save a few versions.

If you want to hide your resume from your current company (or any other company) whom you don’t want to tell about your job search, go ahead and add their names so they will never find out about your resume, and what you are up to.

BTW…you can also get a custom URL for your profile. Share it with employers who can directly click on the URL to get to know you.

You need to create an account to get started. So, gather all your information in one place, keep aside 10 minutes of your time, perhaps get a cup of tea or coffee, and get started now.