Hire Talent

Hiring great people is easy with JobFindah. With a low price of $129 per posting (even less when you buy multiples), the return on investment (ROI) of your recruitment dollars is better than ever. Create an employer account, and you are ready to buy, post, and manage job opening advertisements as well as candidate responses.

Better Results: Views, Clicks and Applications

Your job postings stay live for 30 days on our national job board ( where they are seen by inbound job seekers. Our sites are SEO optimized, so your job postings are indexed by search engines, such as Google, and designed to be mobile responsive so that job seekers can find jobs on their handheld devices. Matched jobs are automatically sent to registered job seekers via email Job Agents. In addition, we occasionally proactively market your job postings outside of our network with sponsored advertising to maximize views, clicks, and applications.

Save Time: Simple Posting Process

Posting a job with our “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) user interface is easy. You can change font, size, color, and bolding to add a personal touch to your job advertisements. You can also upload your company logo, and add a company description. It is a good practice to assemble information required to post a job. Information such as job title, job description, education requirements, experience, and salary information handy. Such information is required to post a job. If you have many jobs and posting one at a time is too laborious, send us a batch file and we will post for you, saving you valuable time.

Save Money: Affordable Prices

You don’t need to empty your pockets to hire great talent. Job postings are only $129, and cost even less when you buy them in packs. A pack of 5 jobs is only $549, and a 10 pack is $899, which is less than $90 per job posting. Compare this with $400 per job posting at other job boards. Simply create an account, and get started now.

Why JobFindah?


  • Better Results
  • Simple Process
  • Affordable Prices
  • Rich Media
  • Embedded ATS
  • Screening Tools
  • Instant Notification
  • Employer Profile
  • Billing History
  • Job Statistics

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Your account comes with an applicant tracking system so that you can manage jobs and see who has applied, and also drill down and view the embedded resume directly. You can also set applicant statuses (phone screened, interview scheduled, etc.) and leave internal notes on each candidate for the hiring manager’s use.

Screening Tools

Create screening questions for candidates to answer during the application process, so that you can save time by quickly rejecting unqualified applicants. You can create as many questions as you want, and they can be multiple choice, yes/no, a dropdown, or a free text area. Responses from screening questions can then be viewed in the applicant tracking system.

Employer Profile

Each employer account receives its own profile page which features the company logo and its active jobs posted on the site. If you wish, you can share your company contact information such as address, phone number, and email. Employer company pages are also tied in with their social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For a small fee, you can also showcase your company logo on our home page.

Job Statistics:

You will have various job statistics at your fingertips. Additionally, you can view all applicants with easy access to their cover letters and resumes.

Billing History and Invoices

You can view your billing history by month and year, and generate a printable invoice for easy record keeping.