Talent Network for Priority Candidate Communities

Job Seeker Communities

At JobFindah we believe in people’s uniqueness. To that mission we are building job seeker communities for individual groups where people who are similar in their individual experiences, backgrounds, opportunities and challenges can enjoy a job search experience and use information, advice and tools that are relevant for them. While our communities have access to the flagship JobFindah career site (, they also have access to items that are relevant specifically for their communities, and who can identify the communities they belong to. To us, diversity nurtures individuality instead of suppressing them.

Veterans( often, returning veterans and other transitioning veterans find it extremely difficult to find suitable employment in the civilian workforce. At JobFindah, we help veterans get connected with job opportunities and advise them on how better market their military skills to draw attention from the recruiters. At the same time, we also educate employers the benefits of recruiting veterans and assist them with affirmative action.

Disabled Employee Accomodation

Persons with Disabilities( rate is highest among our nation’s dis-abled. It is estimated that one in five Americans have a condition that can be categorized as a disability, and such candidates, otherwise qualified, may face significant discrimination during a job search. At JobFindah, we not only help job seekers with a disability to find jobs that leverage their abilities, we also educate employers on the advantages of hiring the differently-abled, and assist them with affirmative action programs.

Women(, American women, on average, earned 81% of what their male counterparts earned. Therefore, it is no wonder that pay inequality remains the top issue for women. However, there are deeper issues of inequality and discriminatory hurdles remain for women at the workplace. At JobFindah, we help women connect with progressive employers, and advise them on how to make them more marketable to negotiate better pays. Similarly, we help employers strengthen their outreach and branding to attract women to the workforce.