Career and Recruiting Resources

Resources are what someone needs to be successful. Job search and recruiting are no different. A job seeker needs not only great skills, education and expertise, but also a lot of information, tools and advice to achieve greater success in job hunt. Similarly, a recruiter needs tools, information and expert advice to elevate results in recruiting, diversity and OFCCP compliance. We have compiled a set of tools, relevant information and advice from the experts to help you. So, go ahead and use our resources to help you fast forward your career search or recruiting results. Our resources section is grouped in topics relevant for both job seekers and recruiters. We encourage you to explore both these categories. It is always useful to get insights for both sides of an equation. Learning both sides help one be successful.

Career Resources

Find Jobs, Companies and Careers

Browse Job Listings from Thousands of Jobs Uploaded Daily

Browse Top Companies Hiring Now for Jobs Everywhere

Browse Job Fairs and Events to Connect with Recruiters

Job Search Tools

Create and Upload Resume to Articulate Your Story

Get Job Alerts by Email so You can Always be Looking

Explore Diverse Talent Communities to Find Your Niche

Career Advice

Transition from Military to Civilian Career

Secrets to Get your Resume Read and Noticed

How to Negotiate a Raise After Maternity Leave

More Career Advice…

Recruiting Resources

OFCCP Compliance

OFCCP Compliance Definition – Find out What it is

OFCCP Compliance Solution – Learn  how it Works

OFCCP Compliance Regulations – Get to Know the Latest

Diversity Recruiting

Diversity Recruiting – How to Hire  Diverse Talent

Recruitment Marketing – How to Leverage New Technology

Diversity Job Post for Recruiting – Attract Diverse Talent

Recruiting Advice

Download Presentations or Watch Webinar Recordings

Read Blogs on Recruiting and OFCCP Compliance

Read Articles on Diversity, Compliance and Recruiting

More Recruiting Advice…