Applicant Traffic

Solutions to Maximize Applicant Traffic to Job Postngs

Driving qualified applicant traffic to your job postings is a primary objective of your recruitment marketing. JOBfindah distributes and promotes your job postings through diversity job boards, state job boards, and outreach efforts to drive applicant traffic. In addition, we can also help you several ways to further boost traffic to your job postings.


While we do not modify the content and structure of your job postings, we can help you with content best practices to write better job descriptions. Better job descriptions are similar to the concept of ‘right message to the right audience’ in an advertising. They can generate more activities from the job seekers. More importantly, better job descriptions with proper content structure gives you more exposure through better indexing on Google.


As mentioned, your job postings are marketing advertisements that inform, attract and persuade qualified talent pool to apply for jobs. Similar to any advertisements you watch on the TV, hear on the radio, or see on the internet or print publications, the job postings must convey the information in an easy to understand manner, and contain information important to the job seeker to evaluate a job, and then guide them to follow easy steps to complete an application.


Driving applicant traffic to your job postings require that job postings are written appropriately with proper attention to structure and details, and that they are distributed to the target audiences using proper media channels, and then marketed properly to maximize exposure. Finally, the application process should be made simple so that job seekers do not face unnecessary steps to apply for jobs. A simple application process will convert applicant traffic to completed applications.

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Effective Products to Increase Applicant Traffic

premium placement

Premium Placement: Use our premium placement product to showcase your jobs above other jobs in search results. Your sponsored listing appears in a premium spot increasing the exposure of your job posting, building brand awareness and maximizing applicant volume compared to jobs shown below premium listing. Higher result in search results drive higher applicant traffic.

easy apply

Easy Apply Simplified ATS: Use our simple ATS system to make it easy to job seekers to apply for your jobs. Our ‘easy apply’ system enables job seekers apply for your jobs in lesser number of steps than most full blown ATS systems require. A simplified application experience enhances applicant experience and avoids application drop offs, and it is a important driver to boost your applicant metrics.

Pay per click strategy

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: Let us manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on our partner job network. Give us a monthly budget and let us develop and implement an enhanced traffic acquisition plan that boost applicant flow to your ‘hard-to-fill’ jobs. Based upon your requirement and budget we manage bids for sponsored listings to drive more applicants to your job postings. Our PPC management service is guaranteed to deliver more applicants.