Hire Diversity Talent

Diversity is Good for Business Success


Diversity at the workplace is an important priority of most organizations. Studies have shown that a diverse workforce is more creative, innovative and productive in modern organizations. In a global market, where many businesses compete globally, diversity of ideas and backgrounds helps companies to think beyond the norm and innovate. Diversity is not just about race and gender, it is also about ideas and experiences. Modern US organizations find that diversity at home, and must leverage to proactively reach and attract qualified candidates from all facets of life.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity is the Law


Workplace diversity is mandated by the regulatory bodies such as the EEOC and the OFCCP mandate that businesses that are suppliers to the federal government must ensure equal opportunity in their employee recruitment and development programs. In fact, they require that federal contractors must have programs to proactively reach out to qualified candidates who are traditionally underrepresented in the workforce, and may not have the same opportunities to find job opening information in these companies. Example of such are the special affirmative action requirements to reach and recruit veterans (VEVRAA), and to proactively reach job seeking candidates with mental or physical disabilities (section 503). The same affirmative actions are also required for candidates from minority groups, women and other groups that may have been traditionally underrepresented in the workforce

Hiring for Diversity is Hard


Attracting qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds is not easy. The job search behavior of candidates from specialty groups can vary widely. Simply posting a job opening on one of the legacy job boards is never quite enough. Identifying and reaching such candidates need a combination of passive and active search. JOBfindah has developed a unique approach by combining the power of general and audience specific job sites to attract and engage with proactive outbound distribution mechanisms. A job posting on JOBfindah is not only posted on our main employment site, but also posted on our specialized job sites for veterans, women, minorities and people with disability.

JOBfindah Diversity Network


Traditional job postings are only exposed to those who visit a job site actively searching for a job. However, a job post on JOBfindah is different. In addition to being searchable on our site and indexed on Google jobs, your job is also posted on our niche job site network specifically designed for veterans, women, minorities and people with disabilities.

Hire Veterans

Hire Veteran
Veteran Job Site

Hire a Woman.

Hire Women
Hire Women

Hire Minorities

Hire Minorities
Hire Minorities

Hire Candidates with Disability

Hire Disability
Hire Disabilty

Job Posting and Distribution for Diversity Hiring

In addition, as part of proactive outreach, job postings are sent to local diversity organizations and state employment delivery system one-stop centers from our database of more than 6,000 partners. These ‘job notices’ are a vital part of obtaining referrals from the employment counselors, including local veteran employment representatives (LVER) and disabled veteran outreach program representatives. Often, local organizations will also post these daily job notices on their websites to drive additional candidates.

Finally, these jobs are also sent through our sponsored outreach partners who further distributes these jobs to their thousands of partners and millions of job seeker job alerts. In addition, we often post these jobs on university career sites, and capable of posting the jobs in paid sites for you. We collect candidate information from voluntary disclosure forms and capable of sharing demographics in formation in aggregate.

Each employer account receives its own company profile page which features the company logo and its active jobs posted on the site. If you wish, you can share your company contact information such as address, phone number, and email. Employer company pages are also tied in with their social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For a small fee, you can also showcase your company logo on our home page, and post company videos showing your organizations commitment to diversity recruitment.

Included in each job posting

Posting on JOBfindah

Each job is posted on the flagship job board https://www.jobfindah.com to attract all candidates from diverse backgrounds

Posting on Diversity Boards

Each job is also posted on our niche diversity job sites for Veterans, Women, Minorities and People with Disabilities to attract candidates from these special groups.

Employer Branding

Dedicated company page with job listings, company description, logo, imagery, Facebook, Twitter, Google social media links for easy share, and your company video.

Distribution to State Employment System

Jobs are sent to disabled veteran outreach program (DVOP) and local veteran employment representatives (LVER) in state run career-one stops.

Distribution to Diversity Organizations

Jobs are distributed career counselors in local diversity organizations to send qualified candidate referrals for your job opening.

Distribution to Job Aggregators

Jobs are distributed for sponsored listing on job aggregator partner network to maximize clicks and also included in sponsored job alerts through our partner.

What Customers Are Saying

I like the fact that JOBfindah automatically posts all my jobs to their niche job boards for veterans, women, minorities and persons with disability, and then distributes them to local organizations for referrals.

– Director of Human Resources, Leading Hospital Chain

I am super impressed with the breadth of JOBfindah outreach network and the fact that it is fully visible to me where my jobs are reaching and what kind of applicants are coming from such outreach

-Human Resources Generalist , Leading Regional Bank

The reporting is simply amazing. I have all the details and records of our job posting and distribution at my fingertips. It is so easy to use and I get what I need to show an auditor. Where were you all these years?

– Vice President of Human Resources, IT Solution Provider

JOBfindah is hands down the best solution in the market. It is really easy to keep track of everything that is going on, and their support is simply exceptional. I recommend them to my clients.

– Affirmative Action Consultant

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