The Secrets For A Successful Transition From Military Life To Civilian Life

Hire Veteran
Life in the armed forces is very different from life as a civilian, and many servicemen and women find it difficult to transition to a military mindset for various reasons. Even if they are able to settle into their new routines easily, however, another challenge may be waiting for them when their service ends. A significant number of American veterans report having difficulty returning to civilian life a... Read More

10 Secrets to Help Get Your Resume Read and Noticed by Recruiters

Resume Writing Secrets
  The average recruiter spends six seconds with each resume. Here are 10 ways to make sure yours gets noticed.   Ah, the resume: in many ways, it’s the most important part of the job application and interview process. A good resume alone probably isn’t going to single-handedly win you your dream job, but you need a stron... Read More

How Female Job Seekers Can Combat Age Discrimination

female job seeker age discrimination
Age discrimination in today’s corporate world is, unfortunately, quite commonplace. Companies, despite claiming to support equal opportunity for all, are more likely to hire new employees from Gen X or Gen Y rather than from the baby boomer generation. And, unfortunately, if you are a woman from to the baby boomer generation, you will have to deal with both age and gender discrimination. Over the years, there has b... Read More

How to Find Firms That Value Older Workers

older workers
Many firms today prefer to recruit younger workers who have long careers ahead of them and can provide many years of value to a business. As a result, organizations tend to see an increase in the number of millennial employees, while older workers seeking new jobs are often left out of the hiring process. Thus, companies are frequently missing out on experienced employees while looking for fresh and energetic new faces to join the business. As age discrimination in the hiring process continue... Read More

Women: How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work

Diverse workplace
Unfortunately, sexual harassment against working women happens quite often, and it can appear in several forms. Physical, verbal, and even psychological forms of harassment can take place in a variety of settings, and if it is not dealt with correctly, this can result in significant emotional trauma. The problem with sexual harassment is that it is not always out in the open, thus people are often not aware that it is happening around them. It is often difficult for women to report cases of s... Read More

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