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Career Management in a Diverse World

Managing career at the workplace is complex. You might have the perfect credentials and expertise but is your resume getting the attention it deserves? Is your ethnicity or race hurting your chances to secure an interview? Have you failed to negotiate a competitive salary because of your gender? Are you going to fall behind your coworkers because of your maternity leave? If you are a veteran transitioning into the civilian workforce, how to describe your military experience in a resume so your hiring manager sees how your skills match up with the advertised job?  If you might have a disability, how to convince your employer that you might be actually better than able bodied individuals? These are only a few example of questions that many of us face in our career journey. This section addresses them all with handpicked articles and write-ups from recruiting experts. Our tips and advice section might just be what helps you go through the uncertainties of managing a career in today’s workplace. Simply scroll through the articles or use our search tool to find the topic that best matches your interest. Check these often as new tips and tricks are added frequently..

One Token Candidate Won’t Make a Difference in Diversity Hiring

The word ‘diversity’ is being thrown around a lot in today’s corporate world, though many companies are still struggling to fully understand this concept. Firms are aware that a more diverse workforce ultimately leads to enhanced productivity and a boost in profits. However, simply hiring a few diverse workers won’t solve anything. Companies need to evaluate their diversity initiatives and work towards creating a culture that accommodates people of all backgrounds and encourages th... Read More

The Secrets For A Successful Transition From Military Life To Civilian Life

Hire Veteran
Life in the armed forces is very different from life as a civilian, and many servicemen and women find it difficult to transition to a military mindset for various reasons. Even if they are able to settle into their new routines easily, however, another challenge may be waiting for them when their service ends. A significant number of American veterans report having difficulty returning to civilian life ... Read More

10 Secrets to Help Get Your Resume Read and Noticed by Recruiters

Resume Writing Secrets
  The average recruiter spends six seconds with each resume. Here are 10 ways to make sure yours gets noticed.   Ah, the resume: in many ways, it’s the most important part of the job application and interview process. A good resume alone probably isn’t going to single-handedly win you your dream job, but you need a stron... Read More

How to Negotiate a Raise after Returning From Maternity Leave

Returning to the ordinary ups and downs of work life after a long, and not-so-relaxing, maternity leave can be a real challenge. Your life can feel like a constant whirlwind, when you’ve got a baby to care for at home as well as all of your commitments at work. For this reason, some employers might believe that a working mom is unable to be completely committed to her job. Unfortunately, employers can use this as an excuse to give low raises to their female employees returning from maternity l... Read More

How Female Job Seekers Can Combat Age Discrimination

female job seeker age discrimination
Age discrimination in today’s corporate world is, unfortunately, quite commonplace. Companies, despite claiming to support equal opportunity for all, are more likely to hire new employees from Gen X or Gen Y rather than from the baby boomer generation. And, unfortunately, if you are a woman from to the baby boomer generation, you will have to deal with both age and gender discrimination. Over the years, there has b... Read More

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