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Women: How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work

Diverse workplace
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] Unfortunately, sexual harassment against working women happens quite often, and it can appear in several forms. Physical, verbal, and even psychological forms of harassment can take place in a variety of settings, and if it is not dealt with correctly, this can result in significant emotional trauma. The problem with sexual harassm... Read More

Market Your Bilingual Skills – It is More Effective than You Think

bilingual skills
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] Many job seekers sometimes try to avoid discussing their cultural and ethnic backgrounds during the job search due to fear of discrimination. However, for job seekers today, diversity is an added edge when portrayed the right way. If you can speak more than one language, you would definitely be a valuable addition to any company. So, ... Read More

You Might Be Missing Out on the Best Female Job Candidates

female job candidates
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] Unconscious gender biases are, unfortunately, a part of every hiring process. Studies conducted on this subject show that hiring managers, both male and female, tend to favor male candidates in the recruitment process. However, by turning away talented female candidates, your company loses out on valuable contributors to the busine... Read More

How to Remove Gender Bias from the Hiring Process

female job candidates
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] We humans are creatures of habit. We tend to enjoy things that are familiar to us, and gravitate towards what we already know when making decisions. Our brains are hardwired to think a certain way based on past experiences, and this can sometimes lead to the formation of unconscious biases. Unfortunately, these types of biases appe... Read More

How to Combat Age Discrimination in the Job Search

older workers
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] Even with all the fair and equal employment laws in place, job seekers above the age of 40 frequently face age discrimination. Unfortunately, this type of discrimination is often so subtle that it is almost impossible to prove. If you happen to be above a certain age and are looking for work, don’t let this discrimination get in ... Read More

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