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How to Handle Your First High-Stakes Job Interview

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[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] You have held a great job for the last few years, and now you’ve decided that it is time to take your career to the next level. However, your company hasn’t offered you a promotion, even though you feel like you’re ready to take the next step. If your current employer isn’t doing much to advance your career growth, it might... Read More

How to Discuss a Disability or Injury in Your Interview

Disabled workers illustrated by handicap sign
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] As a job seeker, it is imperative that you say the right things during your interview, as you are trying to make the best possible impression on a potential employer. If you are dealing with a disability or a recent injury, it is often better to be honest and let your employer know about it. I say ‘often better’ because it is not ... Read More

How To Turn Diversity Into A Career Advantage

diversity issues at work
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] In today’s world, the term ‘diversity’ refers to a having wide array of beliefs, behaviors, and backgrounds. However, if you go back to just a few years ago, you’ll see that many employers believed that all issues related to workplace diversity could be resolved if a company simply looked more diverse. This is why many dive... Read More

How Diversity Can Help (and Hurt) Your Resume

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[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] During a job interview, asking a candidate questions related to their ethnic, social, cultural, or religious background is a big no-no. So, no matter where you are from, being openly discriminated against during a job interview is unlikely. Companies understand the legal implications of such discrimination, and interviewers are traine... Read More

For College Students Seeking Jobs, It’s About More Than Classwork

company culture
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] The minds of most college students today are occupied by a single thought - will I land a job after I’m done with my education? While some may find it strange that a soon-to-be college graduate would be worried about finding a job, the reality is that in today’s world, having a college degree does not guarantee placement in any... Read More

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