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Career Tips for Women of Color

Happy black businesswoman at desk
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] Even in the year 2016, women, particularly women of color, often face discrimination during their careers and are often stereotyped in the corporate world based on existing prejudices in a white-male dominated workforce. However, in today’s world, there is increasing social awareness, and companies are taking initiatives to promo... Read More

The Top 5 Myths about Disabled Workers

Disabled workers illustrated by handicap sign
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] While many equal-opportunity employers across America are happy to hire disabled workers, there are still some who are skeptical about employing people with disabilities. Even in 2016, why are companies hesitant to hire disabled employees? There are various myths and stereotypes abou... Read More

An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Ahead in the Workplace

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[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] For generations, people have propagated the idea that those who like to talk, love to socialize, and enjoy the spotlight have the edge over their peers in the work environment. Thanks to a flawed definition of leadership skills, this stereotype has been ingrained in society. It has led introverts to believe that they need to chan... Read More

Helping Employees Who Have Hidden Disabilities

Young woman in wheelchair working with a female colleague
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] Most people at the workplace would understand why a wheelchair-bound coworker might be provided with a special desk to carry out their daily tasks. To put it simply, most employees can easily deal with the fact that a disabled employee would require special accommodations to carry out the essential functions of their job. However, ... Read More

An LGBT Candidate’s Guide to the Job Search

LGBT Community Sexual Rights Equality Concept
[ivory-search id="7432" title="Default Search Form"] [fny id="1"] Our country has made great progress regarding the LGBT community over the past few years, but things are still not perfect, and members of this community still often encounter discrimination from their peers and even potential employers. When looking for a job as a member of the LGBT community, you will probably encounter some form... Read More

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