How to Handle Your First High-Stakes Job Interview

interview recent graduate
You have held a great job for the last few years, and now you’ve decided that it is time to take your career to the next level. However, your company hasn’t offered you a promotion, even though you feel like you’re ready to take the next step. If your current employer isn’t doing much to advance your career growth, it might be time to consider changing companies. When you do decide to make ... Read More

How to Discuss a Disability or Injury in Your Interview

Disabled workers illustrated by handicap sign
As a job seeker, it is imperative that you say the right things during your interview, as you are trying to make the best possible impression on a potential employer. If you are dealing with a disability or a recent injury, it is often better to be honest and let your employer know about it. I say ‘often better’ because it is not necessary for you to tell a potential employer everything about your... Read More

The Top 5 Myths about Disabled Workers

Disabled workers illustrated by handicap sign
While many equal-opportunity employers across America are happy to hire disabled workers, there are still some who are skeptical about employing people with disabilities. Even in 2016, why are companies hesitant to hire disabled employees? There are various myths and stereotypes about disabled workers that may cause certain employers to hesitate when m... Read More

Helping Employees Who Have Hidden Disabilities

Young woman in wheelchair working with a female colleague
Most people at the workplace would understand why a wheelchair-bound coworker might be provided with a special desk to carry out their daily tasks. To put it simply, most employees can easily deal with the fact that a disabled employee would require special accommodations to carry out the essential functions of their job. However, disabilities are not always obvious to the naked eye. Conditions ... Read More

How to Ask for ‘Reasonable Accommodations’ if You Have a Disability

Disabled office worker asking for help
Thanks to recent government efforts, companies are now more open to hiring employees with disabilities. This, coupled with regulations that ensure equal employment opportunities, makes it a lot easier to find a job as a disabled worker. Even then, when you’re disclosing a disability during the job search, you may come face to face with quite a few difficulties. For example, many employers still b... Read More

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