How to Negotiate a Raise after Returning From Maternity Leave

Returning to the ordinary ups and downs of work life after a long, and not-so-relaxing, maternity leave can be a real challenge. Your life can feel like a constant whirlwind, when you’ve got a baby to care for at home as well as all of your commitments at work. For this reason, some employers might believe that a working mom is unable to be completely committed to her job. Unfortunately, employers c... Read More

How Female Job Seekers Can Combat Age Discrimination

female job seeker age discrimination
Age discrimination in today’s corporate world is, unfortunately, quite commonplace. Companies, despite claiming to support equal opportunity for all, are more likely to hire new employees from Gen X or Gen Y rather than from the baby boomer generation. And, unfortunately, if you are a woman from to the baby boomer genera... Read More

Women: How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work

Diverse workplace
Unfortunately, sexual harassment against working women happens quite often, and it can appear in several forms. Physical, verbal, and even psychological forms of harassment can take place in a variety of settings, and if it is not dealt with correctly, this can result in significant emotional trauma. The problem with sexual harassment is that it is not always out in the open, thus people are often ... Read More

You Might Be Missing Out on the Best Female Job Candidates

female job candidates
Unconscious gender biases are, unfortunately, a part of every hiring process. Studies conducted on this subject show that hiring managers, both male and female, tend to favor male candidates in the recruitment process. However, by turning away talented female candidates, your company loses out on valuable contributors to the business. Even when males and female applicants possess equal qualifica... Read More

Hiring More Women Means Better Business

Hiring Women
Companies today are often looking to hire more women, for a variety of reasons, such as the need for more workplace diversity, the large numbers of talented women graduating from top institutions, and the opportunity to improve the vast gender gap in the job market. But at the end of the day, maybe we should look at the numbers. CEOs and ... Read More

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