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Community Organizations for Diversity Outreach

Community organizations play a huge role in connecting job seekers with great employers. Organizations listing jobs on the JOBfindah Network are progressive employers interested in hiring applicants of diverse backgrounds, with an emphasis on employing applicants from under-represented groups such as protected veterans, people with disabilities, minorities, seniors, women, fresh graduates and LGBTQ. While many of such applicants use various online and offline employment sites, employers find local diversity organizations a very effective candidate referral source. If you are working in a local community organization, non-profit or social organization helping the unemployed find a good job to return to life in dignity, our job listings are an invaluable tool. Our local community organization directory consists of several thousand diversity organizations and career counselors who receive daily job notices in their selected local areas. Local diversity community organizations are a critical element of our notion of helping employers find the right applicants in terms of boosting their diversity and affirmative action endeavors.

Job listings to local community organizations for applicant referral

If you are helping individuals with employment and training services to find a suitable job, JOBfindah Network is here to send you superior opportunities in your mail box daily. Send us a request at to be included in our distribution list. Please provide your full name, email address, phone number and complete address and name of the organization. It is that simple!

Each day we will send you our JOBfindah Daily, a curated compilation of new job listings from leading employers in your community who are committed to hiring veterans, persons of disabilities, women and minorities. These job listings are a very useful resource that you for your one counseling sessions with potential candidates. Many of these jobs are from organizations who are Federal contractors, who are committed to affirmative action that improve employment participation of the veterans, persons with disability and under-represented minorities.


We maintain directory of thousands of local community organizations who are categorized in one or multiple areas of specialty. Example groups of such organizations are: 

Veteran Center and Services, Minority Support Services, Disability Services and Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation Centers, Native American Service Centers, Senior’s Services and Care, Colleges and Technical Schools, Women’s Support and Services, LGBTQ Support and Services, Religious Centers and Support

If you want to receive these job listings, or know someone who might benefit from them, please fill up the form and we will send you JOBfindah Daily each day. Help those who need help to re-establish in life through the dignity of work, and be a valued referral resource to employers.

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If your community organization has a website, you can add a direct feed of job listings for free. Ask your webmaster to add the following two lines of code on your page, and that’s all. The job feed is absolutely free and there is no charge for it whatsoever. This is a great way to attract job seekers to your website, and offer them help find jobs.

Simply copy and paste the following two lines of script and paste in any page of your website to show jobs.


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