Our Mission

Our Mission at JOBfindah

Our mission at JobFindah is simple – to connect diverse job seekers with employers and employment counselors so that they can help one another in fulfilling each of their career and professional goals. JobFindah is a next-generation recruitment platform connecting talented job seekers from diverse backgrounds with employers who are committed to advancing diversity in their workforce. We also help employers in their relationships with employment counselors that provide assistance to various job seeker communities. The JobFindah platform is where job seekers, employers, and employment counselors from different communities connect to benefit one another. 

By leveraging various internet and digital marketing technologies, we bring job opening information and personalized guidance to job seekers within different communities, so they can find jobs with organizations which have committed to value both their talent and their uniqueness within a work environment of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. We also work with thousands of employers and community-based employment counselors to bring job opportunities to these potential candidates. Unlike traditional job boards, who are primarily interested in inbound site visitors, we engage in a broad yet personalized outreach to candidates, leveraging our partners and community-focused job board network targeted towards various talent communities such as women, veterans, people with disabilities, and others.

Help  People find Great Jobs

For the millions of individuals actively engaged in their job search and career growth, we give free access to job opening information with advanced tools to search for and pinpoint which jobs meet their interests. We also provide tools for job seekers to get matched with the right jobs and be notified via email. Job seekers can create their professional profile and resume on our website, and manage their overall job search by reviewing which jobs they have applied for, maintaining a list of saved jobs for future applications, and using various other tools to ensure a productive search. Through our partner network, we offer services such as professional resume writing, resume distribution, interview preparation, and educational opportunities to help individuals achieve success in their job search and overall career growth.

As every search is unique, we have created a network of personalized job seeker experiences for specific talent communities such as women, veterans, minorities, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and others. Our mission is to ensure that JobFindah can help each and every job seeker by displaying opportunities with organizations which value individual uniqueness, and by providing the tools and resources to effectively market their candidacy and embark upon a successful online job search experience.

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Help Employers find Extraordinary Talent from Diverse Groups

The responsibilities of recruiters in medium and large-sized organizations have expanded over the years from pure talent acquisition to also advancing diversity participation in the workforce and ensuring regulatory compliance for equal opportunity employment. JobFindah is uniquely differentiated from other job boards by offering turnkey talent solutions for hiring, as well as solutions to boost workplace diversity, and also compliance solutions to fulfill regulatory requirements imposed by the Department of Labor’s OFCCP. Our solutions not only help employers identify and hire talented and qualified candidates for open positions, but also help them improve workplace diversity and maintain OFCCP compliance. Companies that do any business with the federal government (most businesses do, whether they realize it or not) will find the JobFindah OFCCP solution to be the most complete and effective solution available. JobFindah is founded and operated by the experts who ran the original America’s Job Bank program, launched and grew America’s Job Exchange (AJE), and pioneered the prevailing OFCCP compliance solution in the industry today.

The JobFindah solution brings employer job postings to relevant job seekers through internet-enabled generalized and targeted outreach programs using a combination of focused recruitment technology and marketing methods, and by leveraging our broad network of online and offline partners. For OFCCP compliance, we work with state employment service delivery systems in all 50 states to make sure that job postings are reaching the state job boards as well as the one-stop centers. Comprehensive data analytics and reporting are available to demonstrate the details of outreach as well as the effectiveness of various recruitment programs. JobFindah takes the hassle out of navigating through various regulations and making sure you are in compliance with the regulatory requirements, and provides peace of mind for employers everywhere.

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Help Career Counselors and Coaches Make Great Connections

Employment counselors are an integral part of our mission, and Jobfindah sends local job postings to all known employment counselors in the state one-stop centers (American Job Center), as well as various community-based organizations. These job listings are especially useful for counselors who help returning veterans, people with disabilities, seniors, and minorities who need assistance with their job search. Additionally, we are expanding the program by including career counselors in schools and colleges within disadvantaged communities to bring relevant job listing information to younger job seekers. Employment counselors can simply sign up on our platform to receive job listings, and thus can spend more time coaching job seekers..

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