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Diversity Outreach to Find Applicants

Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce is of paramount importance to all businesses. It is also essential for federal contractors who must comply with the affirmative action mandate of the OFCCP. The rationale is that employees must reflect the diversity of the communities in which a business operates.

Posting a job on various diversity job boards is insufficient to reach and attract diverse candidates – especially minorities, disabled, transitioning veterans and other underrepresented groups. Such job seekers often rely on guidance of career counselors instead of jumping from one job boards to another. One to one coaching and referrals are better suited for them to identify appropriate career paths.

Thousands of career centers operated by public and private sectors assist such job seekers identify and find their calling. These organizations range from state run workforce centers to minority support organizations, educational campuses and many more. They employ experienced placement specialists, local veteran employment representatives (LVER), disabled veteran outreach program (DVOP) specialists who are invaluable sources of support and assistance to job seekers.

These career centers are also an equally valuable resource for employers to reach and find applicants. They not only help employers find great talent, but they also help develop close relationships with local communities. The career counselors often become an extension of a company’s recruiting team – a ‘feet in the street’ with direct contact of the local workforce. Best of all, their services are free for the employers.

Most internal recruiting teams, however, do not have the time and resources to proactively engage in a full-scale diversity outreach program.  It is especially difficult for those employers who operate nationwide in multiple cities and states. To assist organizations to reap the full potential of diversity recruitment JOBfindah offers comprehensive, multifaceted and customizable solutions – solutions that deliver results. In addition to advertising and promoting job openings on diversity job boards, there are   four specific ways JOBfindah assists employers enhance diversity outreach to realize placement goals.

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Diversity Outreach Beyond Job Postings

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Daily outreach with job openings: Each day, we send your job postings directly to career specialists, career counselors, local veteran employment representatives, and disabled veteran opportunity program specialists in more than 8,000 local diversity organizations and workforce centers. These daily job notices bring in applicant referrals directly to your job postings, and help strengthen your company brand to diverse groups of job seekers in local communities.

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Tools and Technologies to build deep local relationships: Access more than 8,000 local career centers or career support organizations to communicate and build one-one relationships. Email directly from your account or have a phone conversation introducing your company and jobs. Record details of interactions and save notes of outreach activities, conversations, names, contact and results.  Tag contacts by type of the organizations and expand your relationships by adding new. Invite members of your team to collaborate to widen your outreach.

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Personalized Outreach to Maximize Results: Automatically send your job listings to local referral sources who can help you find applicants that matter the most. Simply select organizations that match your specific goals and send job notices with custom messages in your own branded designs. Whether you want to find more women for a manufacturing plant in the heartland or reach more engineers of colors in the Silicon Valley, personalized job notices strengthen your local linkage and bring in applicants based on your specific needs identified in your affirmative action plans.

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Measure, Manage and Maximize Outreach Results:  Analyze flow of your applicant traffic from its origin to entry to your job posting using view and click data, and extend it using your unique applicant tracking code from ATS to analyze performance by jobs, locations and time frame. Use collected data and learning to adjust your outreach and improve results. Our tools and services empower you to make continuous improvements to your diversity recruiting results.