Employer Branding

Employer Branding for Diversity and Inclusion

Employer’ branding has become of greater importance in recent time to enhance reputation as a good employer, and in turn, attract talented people as employees. Just because a company is known for good products and services, it may not be able to appeal to job seekers as a great to place to work or retain them for a long period of time as productive employees. In an era when job seekers often look for social responsibility and environment sustainability as important measures, businesses must invest in their branding as an employer.


The importance of employer branding as a champion of diversity and inclusion is very important for federal contractors who must meet higher standards for affirmative action. Job seekers from underrepresented groups want to feel welcome at the workplace. They are attracted to employers who are demonstrating their commitment to equality and broadcasting supporting messages to traditionally underrepresented groups such as veterans, women, minorities, LGBTQ, people with disabilities and many others.


JOBfindah offers various services to develop, enhance and broadcast your employer brand to the job seekers and local diversity organizations who provide job training and career assistance to potential applicants from protected underrepresented groups.


The first step in employer branding for diversity and inclusion is to analyze your company’s Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) and identify the job seeker groups that should be reached. The branding strategy and messaging will be more prominent around hiring of groups that are underrepresented, while promoting other groups for a balanced communication model. Call our specialists to discuss how effective employer branding solution should be implemented for your specific needs.

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Brand Advertising to Attract Diverse Talent

Company Page

Enhanced Profile Page: Employers get a company profile page that lists all open jobs of the company and showcases its brand, description, social media and video. A custom designed enhanced company profile page goes a step further can be used as your company’s custom career page with compelling messaging and story complete with imagery, video, jobs, easy application flow, and and live streaming of your social media. 

site advertising

Site Advertising: Advertise your company and recruiting messages on our job board network. Be a featured employer on our job board home page, or simply add an advertisement block (300×250 and 768×90) on our job search results pages or job description pages. Showcase your company brand on our specialty sites for the veterans, women, minorities, people with disabilities, African Americans, and LGBTQ.

branded email

Branded Email: Send your company branded emails with messages of your diversity initiatives and job postings directly to job seekers or local diversity organizations. We can design and execute these email campaigns to your database or send them to ours. These branded communications are effective vehicles to broadcast your employer message to relevant audiences, and establish awareness and positive reputation to enhance conversion of applicants.

Outreach Advertisng

Outreach Advertising: Advertise your company and recruiting message on our job distribution outreach emails. Be a featured employer to these highly targeted daily emails to the employment counselors and career specialists in thousands of local organizations engaged in job training and career assistance programs. Establishing your presence and brand to these vital referral sources of diversity applicant sources is a critical step in diversity hiring.