Hire Great People, Boost Diversity
Ensure OFCCP Compliance

We help organizations solve business challenges of hiring talent, advancing diversity, and recruitment compliance with

easy, effective and affordable solutions.

Talent Solution

Online job posting, outreach and branding to

attract and reach great candidates to your

company and fill open positions. 

Diversity Solution

Online job posting and outreach to veterans,

women, minorities and people with disabilities

to advance diversity at your workplace. 

Compliance Solution

Department of Labor (OFCCP) mandated job

posting and outreach to protected groups

for compliance of your recruitment program. 

Featured Companies

“We were using another vendor for diversity and compliance but then decided to take a look at JOBfindah. We were amazed to see how easy it was. We switched and are very happy with it”.  Director of Human Resources, Global Construction Company

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