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One Token Candidate Won’t Make a Difference

The word ‘diversity’ is being thrown around a lot in today’s corporate world, though many companies are still struggling to fully understand this concept. Firms are aware that a more diverse workforce ultimately leads to enhanced productivity and a boost in profits. However, simply hiring a few diverse wo... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Hiring and Managing a Remote Team

Jim Addison Resume Secrets
Have you ever thought about hiring a remote workforce rather than trying to corral your team at a central office? Consider these pros and cons to help you decide whether or not that path is the right one.   One of the biggest differences between the business worlds of today and yesterday is the expansion of telecommuting. As communication technology has become more sophisticated, it’s bec... Read More

How to Manage a Diverse Workforce

diverse workforce
In today’s corporate world, having diversity in the workplace is no longer an option - it is an expectation. Thanks to having learned about the benefits of workplace diversity, companies are embracing various initiatives in their recruitment and hiring processes. This has helped them to build diverse workforces with various types of people performing various roles. However, some companies stil... Read More

Top 10 Diversity Issues at Work

diversity issues at work
Having workplace diversity is not about simply meeting a quota for employing people of different races, cultures, and genders. The real importance lies in harnessing the diverse skills, talents, and perspectives that your employees bring to the table. A diverse workplace is one that encourages all employees to be themselves, and allows them to feel comfortable in doing so.However, diversity isn’t a... Read More

How to Interview a Recent Graduate

interview recent graduate
It is said that most employers make a decision about prospective job applicants within the first 5 minutes of the interview. Thus, first impressions are (nearly) everything when applying for a job. But, as an employer, should you really make a decision so quickly when interviewing candidates who have just graduated from college? Many of these applicants have almost no real work experience, and this... Read More

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