Recently, companies have been more proactive in seeking out and hiring employees that are considered to be ‘diverse’. As companies make efforts to employ workers from diverse backgrounds, some firms may have more difficulty than others in attracting diverse talent.

Every firm faces its own unique set of challenges in the diversity hiring process. For example, a company might hire an under-qualified employee just for the sake of having diversity, or the interviewer may have a poor understanding of a candidate’s socio-cultural circumstances.

All of these challenges can cause firms to lose out on highly-qualified candidates. Perhaps an employer is unable to gauge the full potential of an employee, or candidates may feel like a company would not be a healthy environment for them.

Here’s how you can overcome some frequent challenges in the diversity hiring process:

Hire the Right Interviewers

During recruitment, most job seekers are of the opinion that the interviewer they meet would reflect the general mindset of the entire organization. While your interview team is assessing a particular candidate, the candidate, in turn, is sizing up your interviewers to determine whether your organization is worth his or her time and effort.

Thus, you need to find an interview team consisting of people who are highly-educated and possess a thorough understanding of the socio-cultural and economic backgrounds of various types of candidates. They will be able to avoid asking awkward questions or making the interview an unpleasant or uncomfortable experience for the candidate.

Your team should be able to assess a candidate’s strengths and skills without any intentional or unintentional bias due to their background.

Advertise Your Diversity

Before getting a candidate on board, take them on a tour of your work place to help them settle into the environment. During this initial overview, you need to indicate (subtly, of course) how welcoming your organization is to people with different backgrounds.

Most workers from diverse backgrounds are afraid that they would be outright rejected at the job interview. Even when they are accepted, they are always wary of discrimination or slights from other employees. To put these candidates at ease, show them around your workplace and introduce them to the other employees.

If these job seekers see that your company is accommodating and willing to accept and support a diverse workforce, they’re more likely to want the job, and will be motivated to perform well if hired.

Don’t Oversell Diversity

You know for a fact that you can’t hire a diverse candidate solely for the sake of promoting a diverse work environment. However, highly-educated and qualified diverse candidates may not feel the need to even approach your company due to the multitude of other options available to them.

Your job is to seek out these talented candidates and sell your company to them, along with the benefits that they will receive upon joining. However, be careful not to portray any sort of discrimination by saying you will favor them over “non-diverse” workers such as white males. They will just be satisfied to know that there is equal treatment.

These are a few ways to overcome challenges in the diversity hiring process. Various studies have proven time and again that a diverse workforce ensures higher revenues and accelerated growth. So, if you want to make an impact in today’s competitive market, you need to create a workplace that promotes equal opportunity for all.