Every year, tens of thousands of students get their college degrees and prepare to take their first steps into the real world, which often involves searching for an entry-level job position in a field they care about.

The combination of raw talent, energy, and passion that these young graduates bring with them is sure to provide a boost for your company as you take your business to the next level. But how can you beat the competition and attract, hire, and retain talented college graduates?

The hiring process for entry-level positions is sometimes not given the time, planning, effort, and overall attention that it deserves. Bringing in fresh new talent for your business should always be a top priority as you seek continued growth.

While you look to successfully recruit talented college graduates, consider the following tips and techniques.

Have a Separate Application Process for College Graduates

You will need to filter out the resumes sent in by college grads from your overall applicant pool, so that you can assess these individuals specifically for entry-level positions and compare their resumes with those of their peers.

To accomplish this, you can provide a special email address where college grads can send in their resumes, or even implement a completely separate application process for these individuals.

This way, you will be able to differentiate entry-level hiring from the rest of your hiring processes, and thus there will be a special focus on college graduates who are seeking these positions. Be sure to let the candidates know when you have received their applications, as recent graduates who don’t hear back soon are likely to look elsewhere in their eagerness to land the coveted first job out of college.

Train your Recruiters

It is often difficult to properly assess the resume of a recent college graduate and determine whether they would be a good fit for your company. This is due to the fact that most new college grads have very little real-world job experience, if any, and aside from their certifications and GPA, there isn’t much to judge them by.

This can make it difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to decide which candidates have the edge and would be the best fit for the business, prior to the interview stage.

To make sure the best decisions are being made regarding these candidates, provide training to your hiring managers to teach them how they can assess a candidate based on the interviews. Instead of focusing solely on their resumes, your recruiters should look for cues such as a candidate’s behavior and communication skills. The interviewers must be able to ask questions that can accurately gauge a candidate’s potential and determine their worth to the company.

Promise Mentorship Programs

Most college grads today would probably require some form of training to be able to perform their jobs efficiently. Even if you happen to find a graduate with internship experience and other impressive credentials, it is important that you provide them with the appropriate training once they join your company.

Not only will their productivity improve, but they will be more inclined to stay with the company if you demonstrate an interest in developing their careers.

Provide Internships

A great way to score with recent graduates would be to provide internship programs to college students. This way, they can learn about the company and gain real-world experience even before graduating fro