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Employment counselors, employment specialits, DVOPs and LVERs are an integral and essential part of diversity outreach by federal contractors. Federal contractors are mandated by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) to distribute their job postings to the local American Job Center (also known as one-stop career center, state workforce center etc.) for priority veteran referrals. In addition to listing these jobs on the appropriate state ESDS job boards, we send these jobs in our daily job notices to the business representatives, career specialists, local veteran employment representative (LVER) and disabled veteran outreach program (DVOP) specialists within 50 miles of the job location. The goal is to have these job notices act as a fast and easy way to access job listings from so that these professionals can help the protected groups find suitable employment and refer applicants to the employers.

If you are Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER) at an American Job Center (Career One-Stop Center) helping transitioning veterans find meaningful employment in the civilian workforce, or a Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) specialist at the same assisting wounded warriors live a life of dignity after combat, or perhaps a Career Counselor JOBfindah Network is here to send you superior opportunities in your mail box daily. Simply send us a request at contact@jobfindah.com to be included in our distribution list. Please provide your full name, email address, phone number and complete address and name of the organization. It is that simple!


Each day we will send you our JOBfindah Daily, a compilation of new job listings from progressive employers in your community who are committed to hiring veterans, persons of disabilities, women and minorities. These job listings are a useful resource that you can use during your one on one counseling sessions with potential candidates. Most of the jobs are from organizations who are Federal contractors, who are committed to affirmative action that improve employment participation of the veterans, persons with disability and under-represented minorities.


If you want to receive these job listings, or know someone who might benefit from them, please fill up the form and we will send you JOBfindah Daily each day. These job listings are what you need to fulfill your noble mission of enhancing employability and life time employment prospects of those you serve. We are already helping thousands of employment counselors like you. So, join us in helping those who can use that extra help to be a contributing member of the communities you serve.

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