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Hire Great Candidates with Diverse Backgrounds.


Post jobs and attract candidates now. With a low price of $99 for a 60-day single job posting (much less when you buy multiples), you can have your job posted on our network of general and niche job sites including those designed for veterans, women, minorities and people with disabilities, and then distributed to local diversity organizations and state run employment centers within 50-miles radius of the job location.

Buy and post jobs online in three easy steps, and you are done.

Step 1:  Create an employer account

Step 2:  Buy job credits with any credit card

Step 3: Write a good job description and Post

Your job is posted on our diversity job board network in minutes, and distributed to local diversity organizations from our database of thousands of organizations. Additionally they are distributed to our job listing and job alert partners as sponsored listings.

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If you have more than 25 jobs to post annually, call us at 1-866-960-0203 or email to contact@jobfindah.com for special rates. 

Why Post Jobs on JOBfindah?


Traditional job postings are only exposed to those who visit a job site actively searching for a job. However, a job post on JOBfindah is different. In addition to being searchable on our site and indexed on Google jobs, your job is also posted on our niche job site network specifically designed for veterans, women, minorities and people with disabilities.

In addition, your jobs are distributed to our diversity partners and to state career one stop centers to ensure that jobs are reaching a diverse candidate pool that includes veterans, women, minorities, people with disabilities, LGBT and recent graduates. 

Included in each job posting

Posting on JOBfindah

Each job is posted on the flagship job board https://www.jobfindah.com to attract all candidates from diverse backgrounds

Posting on Diversity Boards

Each job is also posted on our niche diversity job sites for Veterans, Women, Minorities and People with Disabilities to attract candidates from these special groups.

Employer Branding

Dedicated company page with job listings, company description, logo, imagery, Facebook, Twitter, Google social media links for easy share, and your company video.

Distribution to State Employment System

Jobs are sent to disabled veteran outreach program (DVOP) and local veteran employment representatives (LVER) in state run career-one stops.

Distribution to Diversity Organizations

Jobs are distributed career counselors in local diversity organizations to send qualified candidate referrals for your job opening.

Distribution to Job Aggregators

Jobs are distributed for sponsored listing on job aggregator partner network to maximize clicks and also included in sponsored job alerts through our partner.