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Get jobs by email by setting up job alerts. A job alert is a great way to get job listings from our site that match your criteria without spending extra time to visit our job boards. Our job alerts save time and help you stay on top of your job search.

You can set up job alerts after creating your account. Simply select the job title or keyword that matches the kind of jobs you are interested in, select the location where you want to work, and then select how frequently you want to receive the alerts. Simple as that!

You can also create additional job alerts without creating an account. Select a job title or keyword along with a zip code on our search box to find a job listing, and simply provide your email address to receive similar jobs in your inbox. These few extra seconds will go a long way in helping your job search.

In addition to ease and convenience, our email job alerts help you in another significant way. Having job listings delivered to your inbox helps you become one of the earliest applicants to a new job posting. Being among the first to apply for a position helps your resume get noticed by a recruiter early on, and you’ll have a significant advantage over other job seekers.

Here are some easy tips to make job alerts work better for you. First, choose to have jobs delivered to your email daily. This helps you find and apply to jobs before others discover them on the job board. Second, be specific in your criteria – both for job title and location. This will help you get jobs that are relevant to your interests and qualifications. Keep in mind, however, that if you are too specific you might not get many job alerts delivered, so use a good balance of keywords to get a healthy number of relevant jobs to your inbox. Finally, to get the benefits of your job alerts, you’ll need to open them daily. After all, what’s the use of having jobs delivered to your email if you don’t open them when they arrive?

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