In the field of construction, there is a variety of jobs including civil engineers, architects, electrical engineers, machine operators, laborers, managers etc.

Typical responsibilities in construction jobs are:

  • Planning of the construction projects, creating designs & blueprints, identifying the machines, materials and people needed
  • Communicating with the clients on the progress and impediments
  • Working on heavy machines for a variety of constructions related tasks
  • Movement of material using equipment and manually
  • Managing procurements and ensuring compliance with regulations and law applicable to the area

There is a large range of income earned in construction jobs. Whereas for a construction worker, average pay is $42000 per year, for a construction manager, it is $76000 per year. Similarly, there are differences in the education requirements for various roles. For a construction worker, there may not be any formal education required but for a manager or a civil engineer, a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in construction management or civil engineering would be required.

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