A data entry operator is someone who enters and modifies data/information in his company’s computer system. In general, people working on data entry jobs are responsible for

  • Digitizing data by transforming information from paper to computer systems
  • Keeping information in computer system updated
  • Retrieving and providing information from computer systems as and when required
  • Keeping records (sales, purchase or anything else ) by entering information on a real time basis

People working on data entry jobs earn an average hourly wage of $13.50. Typical skills needed for data entry jobs are attention to details, ability to maintain high level of accuracy and effective tie management skills. Proficiency in computer operating is a must.

An experienced data entry operator tend to work faster and more accurately than new hires in the field and hence are paid more. Also, experience in bookkeeping, billing and database management gives you an added advantage in the field of customer service jobs.

Miami. Data entry clerks with experience in billing and database management and reporting are also rewarded for these desirable skills.

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