People in finance jobs assist their customers (personal or business) with account management. From understanding available funds to suggesting ways for better investment of the funds, and handling insurance policies, they handle a number of responsibilities. A financial service representative also helps his customers in handling their stocks, bonds, mutual funds and decide on a retirement plan.
A typical day in finance jobs might include responsibilities such as:

• Keeping a track of client’s income and savings to suggest best investment options
• Advising clients on stocks, bonds, insurance and mutual funds
• Monitoring financial market and latest development to suggest best financial move for the customer
• Keeping a track of latest economic trends

A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in finance management is often needed for the position of financial analyst. Typically, a financial analyst earns $66,000 annually whereas a finance advisor earns a salary of $35,000 per year. Those who work with security and brokerage earn higher as compared to their peers.

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