A maintenance job involves taking care of the production and facility equipment and ensuring the compliance with the safety procedures within a site.

Typical responsibilities in maintenance jobs include:

  • Installation and maintenance of the machines and equipment at a facility
  • Diagnosing and repairing the equipment in cases of fault during production
  • Complying with the site’s regulations and safety procedures during the maintenance of the equipment
  • Creating daily task schedules for the maintenance staff
  • Budgeting the procurement for the maintenance needs

In maintenance jobs, there is a variety of job roles, including maintenance manager, maintenance engineer, technicians, and maintenance workers. The average pay and the required education for a maintenance engineer is $74,000 per year and a bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering respectively. On the other hand, average wages for a maintenance worker is $16.75 and it might not require a specific education. However, in all maintenance jobs, a course in engineering or production maintenance may help you earn higher salaries.

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