There are a variety of job types and roles in the field of medical science. Depending upon the job role, responsibilities in a medical job may include:

  • Carrying out medical investigations to assist medical treatment of patients
  • Analyzing lab samples, document the findings and concluding the diagnosis of patients
  • Designing and performing research on medical devices, new treatment plans, and drugs
  • Managing finances, developing grant proposals for fund generation, recruitment of medical professionals
  • Developing healthcare programs for the specific segments of population

There are several types of medical jobs available, and their education requirements and pay levels vary across a large range.  A medical technicians earns $14 per hour on an average and may start work after an associate’s degree in medical technology. On the other hand, a medical scientist earns an average of $62,000 per year and requires a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, along with experience as the minimum education.

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