A nurse is someone who nurses and takes care of patients. Nursing jobs require knowledge of medical terminology, people skills and compassion towards helping people.  Nurses/staff nurses/nursing assistants must become certified medical assistants or they should at least complete state-approved education programs and employer-specific training. The biggest skill for nursing jobs is the ability to respond to emergency situations with tact:

In general, responsibility of people in nursing jobs might include:

  • Administering patients medication and making sure they get right medication at tight time
  • Teaching patients about medication dosage, effects and side effects
  • Taking care of patients and providing them with everything they need while there stay in hospitals
  • Updating doctors about patients’ health issues and improvement
  • Evaluating patient’s physical and emotional needs

A staff nurse earns an average salary of $64,000 per year. Getting more relate degrees and gaining on-the-job experiences can help you get higher salary in the field. Nursing staffs who for government agencies typically earn the best pay.

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