Receptionist Job Description

Receptionists are responsible for the smooth coordination of the administrative activities and front-desk tasks for a business. In receptionist jobs, the typical responsibilities include: Attending to visitors and walk-in customers to the office Answering phone calls and transferring the calls to the correct recipients. Making phone calls to support the office administration activities Booking appointments of customers and managing schedules of emp... Read More

Medical Assistant Job Description

A medical assistant is responsible for carrying out administrative and clerical activities at healthcare centers, such as hospitals. Responsibilities of the people in medical assistant jobs are: Creating records of medical history of patients and keeping them updated Helping the medical practitioners (such as doctors) with basic tasks related to medical procedures or examinations Performing the vital sign checks periodically and recording them Maki... Read More

Healthcare Job Description

Healthcare assistants/technicians assists nurses, doctors, physicians, dentists, surgeons and other health care professionals in performing their day-to-day activities: Typically, people in healthcare jobs: Assist doctor and other health care professionals in their duties Make beds, clean patients, serve them meals and help them move Help them walk, go to loo and do other daily activities. Monitor patients’ conditions and inform doctors if someth... Read More

Teaching Job Description

A teacher presents lessons to students, instructs them, train them and helps them prepare for next stages of learning. Basically, teaching jobs involves responsibilities like: Teaching students in classroom Creating lessons, notes covering subject matters Administering tests, grading students, and assessing student progress Communicating students’ success, issues and track records to parents The typical average pay in ... Read More

Nursing Job Description

A nurse is someone who nurses and takes care of patients. Nursing jobs require knowledge of medical terminology, people skills and compassion towards helping people.  Nurses/staff nurses/nursing assistants must become certified medical assistants or they should at least complete state-approved education programs and employer-specific training. The biggest skill for nursing jobs is the ability to respond to emergency situations with tact: In general, responsibility of people in ... Read More

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