Social workers help people in coping up with issues in their daily life. Different kinds of social workers deal with varied issues in people life. While some social workers work toards diagnosing and treating mental, behaviourial an emotional issues, other work towards making a better social environment and removing social stigmas.

In general people working in social work jobs are responsible for:

  • Listening to clients and understanding their problems
  • Helping clients to deal with mental and emotional changes like divorce, death, unemployment or illness
  • Following up with clients to ensure they are taking necessary steps and their conditions are improving.
  • Assessing situations and referring clients to useful resources

An average pay for people in social work jobs is $40,000 per year. Usually , licensed clinical social worker and medical social worker are paid higher than home care social worker. Gaining experience is the best way to get higher pay checks in the industry. Masters Degree in Social Work and License of Social Work in State are looked for a candidate in social work jobs.

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