Job posting distribution

Job Posting Distribution to Reach Diverse Applicant Pools

Distributing your job postings to applicants of various backgrounds is critical for success with diversity recruiting efforts. While it may be more efficient to post a job on a highly trafficked large job board, it is often not the most effective approach to reach diverse underrepresented applicant groups. Preferred job search channels differ widely, and what works best to attract a traditional mainstream candidate may fall far short to reach and attract certain other groups of candidates.


However, posting jobs on various job boards or distributing them to local career support organizations throughout the nation is extremely time consuming and take up a lot of effort from other priorities of HR teams. Most HR organizations do not have sufficient number of staff or proper technology to post jobs on multiple sites or distribute them to multiple local organizations. HR needs a trusted partner to post and distribute job postings consistently, accurately and efficiently to other job boards and local organizations.


JOBfindah offers products, technology and services to efficiently distribute your job postings to various job boards or local organizations of your choice based on your recruiting need and affirmative action area(s) of importance. Our solutions include technology to create job feeds using our scraping technology and then distribute them to any job boards in standard xml or specified formats. The automatic job import-export process pulls jobs from your career site each night and distributes to any destination job-board for automatic posting.


If a destination job board does not accept a job feeds, we can arrange manual posting of jobs on any job boards for our clients. We will create and manage your accounts and post jobs there accurately for a very low service see. Our cost-effective service saves you thousands and frees you up for more important work for your business. 

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Effective Solutions Tailored to Your Recruiting Need

Job Scraping

Job Scraping for Automatic Feeds: We scrape your career site and pull jobs data automatically so that you don’t have to post jobs manually. Scraping scripts run each night and jobs data is updated. This ensures that your jobs are always up to date. In addition to scraping, we also work with XML files and other form of job data transfer such as RSS feeds to make sure that your jobs are clean and accurate.

Job Delivery

Distribution to Commercial Job Boards: Call us if you want us to distribute your jobs to specific commercial job boards. We can send your jobs via xml feed or any other format that your commercial job board partner might accept. This automatic job distribution using job transfer technology eliminates any need for manual posting of jobs which in turn saves significant time, improve accuracy and delivers savings for your organizations.

manual job posting

Manual Posting to Specific Job Boards: In addition to automated job distribution technology, we can post jobs manually to any job site of your choice for a small fee. This cost-effective service helps free up time of your HR team for more valuable business work instead of spending hours posting jobs and managing inventory of multiple job boards and job board accounts. Let our people handle job postings for you.