Job Posting Solutions for Recruiting and Compliance



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Job Posting for Recruiting and Compliance.

Our job posting solutions will help you fill a position by tapping into a diverse pool of job seekers. If you are a government contractor, also use our job posting solutions to ensure compliance with the office of federal contract compliance program (OFCCP).

Job Posting Includes Distribution and Reporting.

Our job postings are like no other job postings. Once you post a job using our online job builder, the job is listed on seven diversity themed job boards and distributed to local community organizations and workforce centers. If you are a government contractor, your job is also posted on the state job board (ESDS) for compliance with the OFCCP. See the features in detail in the list below.

Use as You Need Them.

There are no contracts and no long-term commitments. Start with a single job or get a pack of jobs. Save money with job packs while keeping the flexibility to post jobs anytime within a year. And the prices are much less than what other job boards charge. So get started now.

Which Job Posting Solution is Right for You? 


Diversity Recruiting

($99 – $149 per job)

OFCCP Compliance

($149 – $199 per job)

Post a job for 60 days using our online job builder. Job posted in minutes, shows up above other jobs in search results and optimally indexed for Google search.

Job now automatically posted to other specialty diversity job boards for Veterans, Women, Minorities, LGBTQ, African Americans, and People with Disabilities

For OFCCP/VEVRAA compliance job also directly posted to the ESDS state job board in the state where the job is located and a screenshot is saved.

Job is automatically distributed to local diversity career organizations and one-stop centers from our library of more than 7,500 community based organizations. 

Powerful outreach management system is included for you to conduct, manage and document personalized outreach to our open network of local diversity organizations.

Recruiting dashboard with job posting history, job posting and distribution reports, along with access to old postings, applications, applicant statistics, and more.

Get reports and documentation to submit in case of OFCCP audits, and in support of diversity outreach and linkages for affirmative action and diversity initiatives.

Have job seekers complete applications on your website with tracking code for your ATS, or use our ‘Easy Apply’ and ATS capabilities included in your account.

Get help through and through in case of OFCCP audit. Free consultation with our compliance experts as well as documents and report retrieval support.

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Boost Diversity Recruiting Results


  1. Reach diverse pool of job seekers nationally
  2. Reach locally through community organizations
  3. Attract job seekers to company branded page
  4. Track everything with detailed reports and data

Meet OFCCP Compliance Requirement


  1. All the Features of Diversity Recruiting Job Post

  2. Verified Posting to the State Job Banks (ESDS)

  3. Detailed Reports of Job Posting and Distribution

  4. Audit Support to Ensure 100% Success Rate

Have Many Jobs to Post?

Let us Scrape Your Career Site and Post Jobs for You.

If you are hiring for many positions and have lots of job postings, avoid posting your jobs manually and let us scrape your career site and post jobs for OFCCP compliance or diversity recruiting. Let us do the work so you don’t have to. Find out how.

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