How to leverage local diversity referral sources to find talent.

Referrals are one of the most effective ways to find qualified talent. Most people, however, mistakenly equate all referrals with ‘employee referrals’. One of the most effective and scalable, but often untapped, sources of candidates is, however, referrals from local state employment service and diversity organizations. Most of these are non-profits or government funded, and they do not charge fees for referrals. Examp... Read More

Mandatory Job Posting for Compliance

Mandatory Job Posting
Mandatory job posting on the state job banks is a key obligation for organizations supplying products and services to federal agencies, These federal contractors must comply with OFCCP’s job posting requirement which mandates that such organizations must post job openings on the appropriate state job bank where the job is located. The job posting requirement also applies to the subcontractors, organizations who receive r... Read More

Annual Review of Your HR Suppliers!

HR Suppliers
HR suppliers are as important for your organization's success as your employees and contractors are. The end of the year is the perfect time for you to review your supplier contracts. It helps you to make smart decisions about the new year ahead. Moreover, the world of HR and recruitment is changing faster than ever. There is no better time to take stock of how to fight the battles of the upcoming year. You will need to ma... Read More

A better, faster, and cheaper solution for OFCCP compliant recruitment

OFCCP Compliant Recruitment Solution
One of the basic questions that every entrepreneur must answer is how their new business is better, faster, and cheaper than the existing alternatives. Amazon didn’t invent shopping, but it created a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to the hassles of in-store shopping. Monster didn’t invent advertising, but created a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to newspaper ‘help-wanted’ ads. Uber didn’t invent transportation, but it created a better, faster, and cheaper alternative ... Read More

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