One of the basic questions that every entrepreneur must answer is how their new business is better, faster, and cheaper than the existing alternatives. Amazon didn’t invent shopping, but it created a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to the hassles of in-store shopping. Monster didn’t invent advertising, but created a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to newspaper ‘help-wanted’ ads. Uber didn’t invent transportation, but it created a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to waiting for a taxi. The list goes on. A successful new business must offer a better, faster, and cheaper solution than the existing alternatives.

In the world of OFCCP compliant hiring solutions, the incumbents have done what was needed after the closing of USDOL’s America’s Job Bank (AJB) program ten years ago. They helped government contractors navigate the regulatory changes, but their solutions merely became a necessary exercise in job postings and outreach.  Major benefits in terms of actual hiring of the veterans and people with disabilities did not improve much. The government contractors still struggle to increase diversity participation in their workforce. Significant advancement in technology and digital marketing practices in the past ten years did not fulfill the promise of the regulatory intent.

This thought led me to create JobFindah! I was fortunate to assemble a few smart, proven people who had similar thoughts. We were determined to create something innovative that will change the status quo and give customers a better, faster, and cheaper solution. It is an ambitious goal, but this is what our customers truly deserve.

We believe that we have already gone ahead of our competition. JobFindah is better due to innovative features and functionalities, faster because of its simplicity, and cheaper than the existing alternatives. And, the best part is that this is just the beginning of our journey.  While being compliant with OFCCP regulations is a necessary condition, that itself is not sufficient to be an effective hiring solution for talent management professionals. Ask any of our customers and they will tell you why they have chosen us over the current players. More importantly, ask our customers who have switched from other providers to our solution.

Still, all this talk about being better, faster, and cheaper is only talk until you see it for yourself. So, why not join me personally for a test drive of our technologies and software? Grill me with questions, ask me to prove how JobFindah is better, and demand that you want to save thousands. All you need to do is sign up here and request a demo.

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