Employer offered benefits are one of the most important factors job seekers look for in a new job before applying. Common benefits such as healthcare, retirement, and vacation are expected by employees, and some expect more – such as flexible work schedule, remote work, professional development, wellness programs, family leave etc. Studies have shown that benefits play as important a role as pay to attract qualified job seekers to an organization. 

However, we find that many recruiters do not adequately highlight these benefits in their job posting. If posting jobs on the job boards operated by the state workforce agencies, one of the most overlooked aspects is not separately entering such benefit information in specified fields so they can be highlighted prominently with the job postings. When posting jobs for clients on the state job boards for priority veteran referral and mandatory state job listing requirement for OFCCP compliance, we seldom find benefits information to highlight these optional fields in a job posting. Yet, these so critical to attract applicants from these job boards or referrals from the state workforce agencies.


If you are a JOBfindah client, you can use a simple functionality to select/unselect benefit information directly from your employer dashboard. Simply check/un-check the benefit boxes from your account and we will automatically include them with your job postings on the state job boards. The result – your job postings with your unique benefits highlighted that can possibly drive more applicants! Use this unique and powerful functionality to increase applicant flow from your state postings.

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