Did you know that more than half of the compliance job recipients listed in job distribution reports by certain vendors may not be receiving job notifications at all?

Why outreach is important?

Sending your job listings to the state employment service system’s veteran and disabled veteran representatives, as well as to employment counselors at local community organizations, is a critical component of making good faith efforts toward OFCCP compliance. In fact, the size of their outreach lists is something that many compliance vendors boast about. But did you ever check if all those listed are valid? Did you ever suspect that the actual number of outreach partners is probably much smaller than what your vendor claims?

Testing validity of outreach email addresses

Recently, we tested out the email addresses of about 2,000 such ‘outreach partners’ listed in the job distribution reports of one of the OFCCP compliance solution vendors. The recipients were listed as people who had job listings of contractors, and the report was to act as ‘proof’ of outreach. We ran our email verification software to determine the validity and deliverability of the emails. The results were astounding! It was found that nearly two thirds of the emails listed as recipients of job notices were either invalid or unknown to the delivery systems. Only about a third of email addresses were found to be valid, and the rest were either totally invalid or not verifiable, ‘unknowns’.

Almost two thirds are invalid or unknown

How does this impact you? The result of our test simply shows that your job listings might not be reaching most of the so called ‘distribution partners’ listed in your compliance report. Your jobs may have been sent, but most of the intended recipients would not have received them. In fact, even fewer numbers of such recipients may be receiving your jobs, as our test doesn’t account for emails where recipients may have ‘blocked’ or ‘unsubscribed’ from the list.

Verify what your compliance vendor provides you

Now, federal contractors who have been relying on their vendors to send job listings to the required recipients are exposed in an audit situation. Job listings are not being distributed to where they should be, making it difficult to pass a compliance audit. This also raises questions about the credibility of your outreach program – not to mention the lost applicants in the process. A situation like this significantly diminishes the strength of your good faith compliance efforts, your chances of being successful in audits, and lowers the overall candidate response needed to meet your diversity goals.


So, while there are many vendors who may be offering you job posting and outreach services, and try to make you feel confident about your compliance with their distribution reports and audit services, you need to go beneath the surface and find out if they are indeed doing what they are saying. You need to review and verify your vendor’s work.

Special measures we take

At JobFindah Network, we take special measures to prevent or minimize such occurrences, and we actively validate distribution partners each week by running tests to ensure that the bad apples are filtered out. We also reach out to these partners by other means, such as phone calls, and make the necessary corrections. We take every reasonable measure possible to ensure that your job notices are ‘delivered’, and not merely ‘sent’ to invalid email addresses.


So, be wary of such vendors, and talk to us to find out how your compliance programs can reach the next level with JobFindah.





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