Mandatory job posting on the state job banks is a key obligation for organizations supplying products and services to federal agencies, These federal contractors must comply with OFCCP’s job posting requirement which mandates that such organizations must post job openings on the appropriate state job bank where the job is located. The job posting requirement also applies to the subcontractors, organizations who receive reimbursements from federal agencies (such as healthcare providers), or insured by federal agencies (such as banks that are insured by the FDIC).

As part of Jobfindah compliance job posting, your jobs are not only posted on all the Jobfindah employment sites but also on the appropriate state job board based on the job opening location to ensure compliance with the mandatory job posting requirement. To do that, however, we require that your organization is registered in the state employment site, and that you provide us the credentials. This enables us to access your account and post your job on your behalf. That is why we require you to please provide your login credentials as part of our job posting. Please note that by using our service and sharing your login credentials, you are authorizing us to post your jobs on the relevant state job bank on your behalf.

Registration with the state employment website is easy and it is free of cost. Based on the location of the job, go to the employer registration area of the relevant website. You will be asked to provide certain information about your company and create an account. Depending on the state, there may be verification requirements.

Click here to locate the appropriate state employment website for your job opening

Note that your organization is required to post “all job openings” with the appropriate state job bank where the job opening occurs. However, there are exceptions. You are not be required to post executive and seniors management jobs, positions that are filled internally, or temporary positions that last three days or less. Please consult your legal counsel or affirmative action consultant to ensure that you are following the guidelines properly.

If you require assistance or need Jobfindah to register your organization with the state job bank, or want our staff to complete the registration for you (additional service fee may apply), please contact us at


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