Referrals are one of the most effective ways to find qualified talent. Most people, however, mistakenly equate all referrals with ‘employee referrals’. One of the most effective and scalable, but often untapped, sources of candidates is, however, referrals from local state employment service and diversity organizations. Most of these are non-profits or government funded, and they do not charge fees for referrals. Examples range from one-stop career centers, state rehabilitation centers, veteran organizations to disability support groups, educational institutions, minority assistance groups and much more.

These organizations actively assist jobseekers with special needs; They especially help those who are traditionally under-represented in the workforce. Tapping into these referral sources is also a critical component of federal contractor compliance program. Smart recruiters know that value of such referrals is enormous – not only for OFCCP compliance but also for finding and hiring qualified talent locally.

However, doing so is extremely time consuming and often frustrating. One has to do research to find organizations that are nearby and who are also are willing to receive job listings from the company. And then, there is also the burden of sending the job listings consistently and maintaining a valid list of contacts. This can easily take up a big chunk of a day from the recruiter’s already busy daily schedule.

At JOBfindah, we have created a database of several thousands of such organizations to whom we send job listings daily. These daily job notices help the employment counselors at these organizations assist job seekers to apply for jobs. It is a guided way for qualified diversity candidates to apply for good jobs. At the same time is also a way for employers to demonstrate their affirmative action and diversity outreach efforts in case of a compliance audit by the OFCCP.

What is unique of JOBfindah, however, is that we give customers the ability to search and find local organizations from our database, and then directly communicate with them asking for referrals.  Our embedded email capability allows recruiters to send messages directly from their account, and form and maintain relationships.  This is a win-win for both the employment counselors as well as the recruiters. The counselors get direct access to recruiters and jobs, and the recruiter gets access to a large pool of local candidates who are already qualified. The JOBfindah platform also stores all such communications which comes handy during a compliance audit by the OFCCP – as it demonstrates that your company goes ‘above and beyond’ of what is required in its affirmative action and compliance program.

The ability for our customers to find, reach and communicate with local state employment offices and diversity organizations is a key capability that makes JOBfindah stand out in the market.


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