Post your jobs on JOBfindah and attract applicants. Your jobs are indexed in our database, optimized for Google schema, and shown to jobseekers in relevant search results for 60 days. Jobs are shown with the job title and a brief description on a clean search results page. Once an applicant clicks on the job title, detailed job description is shown with direct call to action to apply for the job. The job description page also shows your company logo, a brief description of your company, and your social media links.

The apply button takes the applicant to our ‘easy to apply’ applicant flow which only requires sign-in to the applicant’s job search account. The applicant can use a saved resume to apply for the job. You can also log in to your employer account, manage applicants, review resumes and contact the applicant for next steps.


In case you want the applicant your own ATS system applicant flow instead of our ‘easily apply’ feature, you can add a link and the applicant will be taken to your own ATS system to create account, login and then apply. While the ‘easy apply’ offers a simple applicant flow, there are some advantages to using an applicant flow through your ATS system (if available) as well. Large employers often prefer an ATS flow to keep all their applicant flow uniform and keep track of applicant flow from various sources.


Several features are available to show your job postings above other jobs. Our Featured jobs are a perfect way to show above all other jobs in a job search result. Such featured jobs are more noticeable to site visitors and draws more applicant views.


Jobs can be purchased and posted on our easy to use on line self-service interface in minutes. You can simply create an account, purchase using credit card or Paypal, and go live. Employers can also buy job packs for future use and save money buying in pack. Finally, if an employer has high volume of jobs, it is easy to send the jobs through a job feed and save even more.


A single job posting is priced at $99. However, one can buy job postings at a much lower price based on volume of purchase. If you have more than one job, call us at 866.960.0203 or email at for a price quote.



Your jobs are automatically distributed to our partners job boards such as job aggregators for additional applicant reach. We spend money to show your job as sponsored listings to our partners, and there is no additional fee for such distribution.

Your jobs are also automatically distributed to our network of partners at the career one-stop center locations via emails with direct link to your job postings. The employment counselors, Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVER) and Disabled Veteran Outreach Program (DVOP) representatives at the career one-stop locations use these job listings to send candidates to you.


In addition, we also send your jobs to various community based diversity organizations that are local to the job location. These community based organizations are those who assists job seekers, including various minorities and under-represented groups, find employment. Example of such organizations can range from local community colleges, trade schools to veteran’s organizations, disability support groups to state rehabilitation agencies.


Employers can also add organizations and contacts with whom they have developed relationships and wants their job opening information to be conveyed. For example, and employer can enter contacts at local community colleges, universities or trade schools should they want job postings to be distributed there. Similarly, they can add their own network of local employment counselors who are helping minorities and otherwise disadvantaged job seekers to send their job openings. Such outreach efforts by local employers are powerful mechanisms to attract local talent, and also helps employers with their affirmative action efforts.


Matched job postings are distributed to job seekers who have signed up to receive ‘job alert’ emails. In addition, jobs posted online are also shared through our Twitter account.


For employers who have signed up for our OFCCP compliance services and need to comply with VEVRRA regulations, jobs are posted on the state’s official job board provided the employer is a registered employer in the state employment system and has valid credentials and approval to post jobs there.


Our job distribution service also includes custom development of job postings to other free or paid job boards with which the employer has agreements to post jobs. Cost of such custom job distribution may vary.



One of the unique offerings of JobFindah product portfolio is our cloud-based Outreach and Partner Management Software (OPMS) to assist Federal contractors manage their OFCCP compliance programs effectively. This powerful software is the so called ‘control center’ to manage an employer’s EEO/OFCCP compliance and Affirmative Action programs. The software is custom branded with employer’s own corporate logo and HR contact information, and can be accessed from an internet device with valid credentials.



Our product portfolio includes a range of branding solutions to communicate your employer message to candidates. Employers often use such branding methods to communicate their workplace culture, diversity and inclusion commitments, unique benefits and much more.

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