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Profile Page

All customers get a branded company profile page to show their company message and branding elements to applicants. Such company profile page includes company logo, video, description, and social media sharing, along with all job postings of the company in one place. Such employer branding is of increasing importance to attract and engage applicants.

Enhanced Profile Page

Get a custom designed profile page created by our designers who will develop a compelling website or page highlighting your company story complete with imagery, video and live streaming of your social media. The page will also list all your jobs and use an optional ‘easy apply’ feature to help job seekers submit applications quickly. Ideal for career fairs, networking events, and on-site hiring.

Media Advertising

Advertise your company on our job board network. Be a featured employer on our job board home page, or simply add an advertisement block (300×250 and 768×90) on our job search results page or job description page. Showcase your company brand on our sites for the veterans, women, minorities or people with diversity. Advertise on our outreach emails and job alerts.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Let us develop and manage custom traffic acquisition Pay Per Click campaigns for your company on our partner job network. Give us a monthly budget and let us develop and implement an enhanced traffic acquisition plan to boost applicant flow to your jobs. Depending upon your requirement and budget we manage bids for sponsored listings to drive more applicants to your job postings.


Job Scraping

We scrape your career site and pull jobs data automatically so that you don’t have to post jobs manually. Scraping scripts run and jobs data is uploaded each night, so your jobs are always up to date on our job boards and distribution. In addition to scraping, we also work with XML files and other form of job data transfer such as RSS feeds to make sure that your jobs are clean and accurate.

Custom Development

Let us do custom web and mobile development for your company. Use JOBfindah to build your career site, Recruiting automation, and HR workflow around your specifications. Our technology expertise and experience are deep, and our rates are extremely competitive. We work with both hourly and fixed bid projects. You will be thrilled with the end product, and the savings.


Job Posting on JOBfindah

Let us post your jobs automatically by scraping your career site. You also can post them one at a time with our online job builder. Job postings come complete with company logo, description, and social media links. You can send applicants to your career site applicant tracking system (ATS) or use our ‘easy apply’ applicant flow.

Job Posting on State Job Banks

If you are a Federal contractor or subcontractor, the OFCCP mandates that your job postings be posted on the state-run job board where a job is located. We post jobs on your behalf to ensure compliance with this mandatory posting requirement. We also save a pdf screenshot in your account as proof of posting in case you are asked in an OFCCP audit.

Job Posting on Diversity Boards

Job postings on JOBfindah are automatically posted on our specialized diversity job boards for the veterans, people with disabilitieswomen, and minorities. These niche sites are great for attracting and engaging specialty populations and help bolster your affirmative action in support of section 503 equal opportunity plan.

Job Posting on Partner Job Boards

We can also post jobs in other niche job boards where you might have an account and paid subscription. No matter how many jobs, our automated posting technology can post jobs for you saving you precious time. Please note that there is a service fee which includes management and maintenance of your account and job posting.


Job Distribution to Diversity Organizations

Our directory of thousands of local community and diversity organizations are a great source of qualified diverse candidates. These organizations provide employment and training services to under-represented populations and they connect your jobs with qualified candidates. Each day, we send job notice  to these organizations that serve veterans, people with disabilities, women, and various minority groups.

Job Distribution to Career One-Stop Centers

Every day we send local job notices to the state workforce agency career one-stop center business representatives, local veteran employment representatives (LVER), and disabled veteran outreach program (DVOP) specialists who assist job seekers with placement and training for priority veteran referrals as well as for other candidates. This fulfills a key requirement for OFCCP compliance.

Job Distribution to Client Specific Partners

We offer our employers unique capability to add their own local diversity organization contacts with whom they have already developed relationships or used as referral source. Daily job notice emails with links to jobs postings will be sent to these organizations. Such outreach efforts by local networking helps your company stand out and give you an edge for your diversity recruitment efforts.

Direct Distribution to Job Seekers

Matched job postings are distributed directly to job seekers who have signed up to receive our job alerts. In addition, we use our partners to send job alerts to their database of millions of job seekers. Finally, employers also have the ability to share job postings directly to their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social accounts to reach candidates who visit your social media channels.


Job Posting History

Search, view and download your job postings by job title, location, date range or posting status to prepare historical reports for internal review or OFCCP audits. Complete with all relevant information and direct links to the posting, this is an invaluable report to stay on top of your company’s historical records for job postings.


Job Posting and Distribution Reports

View and download detailed reports of job posting and distribution for OFCCP audits as proof of your job posting state job banks as well as various job boards, as well as distribution to state employment agencies, career one-stops, and local diversity organizations. Download data for AAP preparation as well as applicant view/apply clicks for performance measurement.

Outreach CRM

Search our database of over 6500 diversity organizations by location, range, and type and communicate directly using our platform to develop relationships. Expand your reach by adding your very own diversity connections and have jobs distributed. Our community driven diversity outreach is one of a kind in the industry and has proven to be more effective and outcome driven.

Event Tracking

Search our database of career fairs and add your own events. Keep track of career fairs, diversity training sessions, job fair networking events you organize, attend or support to demonstrate to the OFCCP your organization’s commitment to diversity and affirmative action. Keep record of candidate interactions to measure candidate pipeline and hiring outcome.

Clicks Reporting

View and download applicant views and clicks on your jobs, individually and in aggregate, by their source of origin. Track view and clicks by geography to measure performance of your job postings in attracting applicants and implement improvement plans. Implement tracking codes from your ATS and measure applicant flow from start to finish to measure efficacy of your recruiting process.

Audit Support

Expert and experienced support is just a toll-free phone call away. Jobfindah is run by the industry pioneers who have been at the forefront of online recruitment and OFCCP compliance. Clients have full access to expert support, training, and data services. From direct discussions with the auditors to solving technology issues– JOBfindah is there to help you succeed.