mandatory job listing requirement

Understanding Mandatory Job Listing Requirement

Mandatory job listing requirement is imposed by the OFCCP for Federal contractor compliance with the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA) . An organization that provides goods and services to the federal government or receives federal funds are required to comply. These Federal contractors and sub-contractors are required to list their job openings in the appropriate state-run job board. These state job-boards are often referred as ESDS job banks.


The appropriate ESDS job bank is determined by the location of a job opening. For example, an employer must list the job on the Work in Texas job board if a job opening is in Houston. The same job, if located in Miami, however, must be listed in the Employ Florida job board instead. Special guidelines apply for remote and “work from home” jobs. In addition to registering the company, selection of the appropriate state job board creates a degree of complexity that a contractor must navigate in its effort to fulfill mandatory job listing requirement.


The ESDS job banks in each state has unique requirements and user flows that add another layer of complexity. Each state may require a different set of information and follows a different verification process for a new job posting account. It may also follow different set of requirements for an account to be in good standing. The job posting flow can be completely different and job approval process may vary wildly. The complexity and time needed to meet the mandatory job listing requirement can be highly laborious and error prone for an employer.

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Mandatory Job Listing Service for OFCCP Compliance

Our experience and deep expertise combined with host of technologies help Federal contractors to overcome the complexity of ESDS job listing easily and accurately. We maintain employer accounts for clients in each state and accurately post their jobs on behalf them. We capture and retain proof with a screenshot of your mandatory job posting along with a state provided job id number. The job posting and distribution reports are retained in your own secured account, and accessible for download anytime anywhere.  

A key purpose of the mandatory job listing requirement is to make these jobs available to job seeking veterans and eligible spouses on a priority basis. It means that veterans and eligible spouses will have the first opportunity to view and apply for these jobs. As part of our mandatory job listing service, we tag your account for priority veteran referrals and request workforce personnel such as the Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVER) and Disabled Veteran Opportunity Program (DVOP) agents to make these jobs available to veterans on a priority basis.

Posting the jobs to fulfill mandatory listing requirement is important. However, depending on your company size and hiring patterns it can be also important to expire and repost your jobs. Our mandatory job listing service helps clients to monitor job postings as the status of their jobs change. Based on your requirement, we expire jobs from the ESDS if jobs are removed from your career site, and repost them if open, based on policies of an individual state ESDS.

In summary, we make OFCCP compliance easy and affordable for you by cross-posting jobs from your career site to the appropriate state ESDS. We post jobs for clients everyday covering all 50 states and territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico and more. Mandatory job listing service for VEVRAA compliance is a key component of our OFCCP compliance solution. Top organizations nationwide rely on our service to fulfill their federal contractor obligations and avoid the complexity and laborious work. This ensures assured compliance, peace of mind, and significant savings.