OFCCP Compliance

What is OFCCP Compliance?


Compliance with the OFCCP mandated regulations is critically important for federal contractors. If your organization does any business with the Federal government (which most businesses do – directly, or indirectly – whether they know it or not), you are required to comply with the affirmative action regulations mandated by the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Program). This federal agency has significantly stepped up regulatory oversight and enforcement in recent years, and it is imperative that you have a comprehensive recruitment outreach program to attract and hire protected groups such as transitioning veterans and persons with disabilities in order to meet the requirements. In addition, your recruitment program must also reach traditionally underrepresented groups such as women, minorities, seniors, new graduates, as well as special groups such as LGBT etc. In summary, your recruitment program should encompass every qualified candidate with a special emphasis on identifying and reaching traditionally underrepresented groups in the workforce.

JOBfindah Service for EEO and OFCCP Compliance.


JOBfindah Network offers fully managed service for diversity recruitment marketing and EEO/OFCCP compliance that eliminates the anxiety and time required for corporate human resources and talent acquisition professionals to properly follow the guidelines imposed by the regulators. Our turnkey solution for federal contractor compliance is designed to do three things – attract great qualified candidates from the overall workforce, proactively reach and attract qualified candidates from under-represented candidate groups such as Veterans, Minorities, Women, and People with Disability. We do all the work and provide you detailed reports and documentation to pass any compliance review (OFCCP audit), and more importantly, deliver views and clicks of qualified applicants for your open jobs. Customers find our solution extremely easy to use, and that it requires minimum or no intervention on their part. With our exceptional personalized support, they find peace of mind of knowing that experts are only a phone call away. Our people, process and technologies handle the work so you can focus on more important things to take your business to the next level.

All Inclusive Service – No Hidden Costs!

Automated Job Scraping

We pull jobs data directly from your career site so that you don’t have to post them manually. Our technology scrapes your site and automatically pulls in jobs and associated data for posting and distribution to our network. Scraping scripts run daily and jobs data is uploaded so your jobs are always up to date.

Automated Job Posting

We post your jobs on our job board network as well as that of our partners without you having to spend a minute on job posting. Our technology, people and process accurately post your jobs on general and specialty job boards for veterans, minorities, women and people with disabilities, and on the state-run job boards.

Automated Job Distribution

We distribute your jobs to local diversity organizations and to the veteran employment specialists at the career-one stop centers. In addition, your jobs are distributed for sponsored job posting and job alerts (pay per click distribution) to our aggregator partners so that job listings reach millions of  candidates from publishers.

Employer Branding

We prepare and post custom company pages for your organization showcasing your brand assets and communicating your company message. Your company page includes your company logo, description, video, social media listings, and all your job postings so candidates can be exposed to your commitment to diversity hiring.

Compliance Reporting

Your job posting history and distribution records are saved in your account with listing of jobs posted in the past three years, proof of distribution to local diversity organizations and career centers, along saved screenshots of job posting on the state job banks, and complete view/click information to measure effectiveness.

Audit Documentation

One of the primary reasons for failing an OFCCP compliance review (audit) is not having adequate documentation to prove that job openings were published, distributed, and posted on the state’s employment website. That is why JOBfindah provides you proof of posting, distribution, and screenshot images of job posting on the state websites.

Audit Assistance

Our compliance experts and customer service personnel are available through your dedicated account manager to provide any assistance needed in case of compliance audits to help you obtain data or job posting and distribution records, along with expert advice for navigating the compliance  audit process to reach success

Expertise and Advise

The world of internet talent acquisition and regulatory compliance is changing rapidly and to help our customers stay informed and ready, we offer webinars by industry experts on important topics of learning at no charge. In addition, we distribute bi-weekly newsletters showcasing curated content from trade publications and blogs

What Customers Are Saying

I like the fact that JOBfindah automatically posts all my jobs to their niche job boards for veterans, women, minorities and persons with disability, and then distributes them to local organizations for referrals.

– Director of Human Resources, Leading Hospital Chain

I am super impressed with the breadth of JOBfindah outreach network and the fact that it is fully visible to me where my jobs are reaching and what kind of applicants are coming from such outreach

-Human Resources Generalist , Leading Regional Bank

The reporting is simply amazing. I have all the details and records of our job posting and distribution at my fingertips. It is so easy to use and I get what I need to show an auditor. Where were you all these years?

– Vice President of Human Resources, IT Solution Provider

JOBfindah is hands down the best solution in the market. It is really easy to keep track of everything that is going on, and their support is simply exceptional. I recommend them to my clients.

– Affirmative Action Consultant

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What Makes JOBfindah Different?

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Deep Expertise JOBfindah has been developed as a next generation solution by some of the same people who operated the department of labor’s America’s Job Bank program, and later founded and operated America’s Job Exchange for many years until it was acquired by a cable company. These are the people who pioneered internet recruitment outreach for diversity and OFCCP compliance, and have been an influential force in shaping the industry and related regulations. JOBfindah solution have been designed based on actual experiences with hundreds of OFCCP audits, compliance reviews, and thousands of actual customer situations. With JOBfindah, you get unrivaled expertise and practical experience on your side. When it comes to OFCCP compliance, every organization is unique, and it is imperative that you partner with a provider like JOBfindah that has the expertise, experience, and capabilities to help you navigate the web of regulatory requirements.

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Complete Solution The compliance requirements imposed by the OFCCP are complex, and require the completion of many steps. JOBfindah gives you a complete turnkey solution that starts with a job opening advertisement, either posted one at a time on our online job board or through a job feed prepared by our engineers. The job posting then goes through a comprehensive distribution process that encompasses our own national job board, as well as community specific job boards, state job boards, our partner network, local diversity organizations (CBO), and the state employment delivery systems (ESDS) that refers candidates from underrepresented groups. In addition, tools and software are provided to document all your affirmative action programs and manage any additional outreach efforts that you may do in your own communities. Finally, comprehensive reporting and data analytics are available for you to evaluate progress and to demonstrate proof of your efforts in case of an audit.


Diversity Outreach OFCCP imposes several prescribed outreach requirements, such as job postings being sent to local veteran employment representatives (LVER) and disabled veteran specialists (DVOP) at the state employment offices, as well as having jobs listed on the state’s own employment web sites (state job banks). These prescribed means are, however, just the tip of the iceberg as far as obtaining true results. To ensure that your job listings are reaching a sufficient number of qualified candidates and generating responses from these protected groups, JobFindah uses a variety of additional outreach methods. Your jobs are posted on our national job board (www.jobfindah.com ), along with specialized job boards targeting veterans, persons with disabilitywomen, and diversity, and distributed to our database of more than 6,000 diversity organizations based on the location of the job.


Compliance Reporting: Increasing regulatory requirements, and a genuine commitment to diversity, inclusion, and affirmative action compel many organizations to go the extra mile by building relationships with local communities through proactive engagement with various organizations and taking part in activities such as diversity sponsorship, advertisements, career fairs, and other events that reach underrepresented candidates. The OFCCP encourages such activities and considers them as an extra show of good faith effort for affirmative action. It is critical for organizations to maintain an accurate log of such activities. As part of our compliance reporting, we give you a comprehensive Partner Relationship Management System (PRMS) to manage such relationships. In a PRMS, you can maintain details of such partnerships, events, and career fairs along with information regarding contacts made, follow-ups done, and results achieved. In fact, we can even deliver your job opening information to these new partners on a regular basis. The Partner Relationship Management Software-as-a-Service tool is an integral part of our compliance solution.

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Recruitment Effectiveness: The OFCCP has openly stated that affirmative action should no longer be measured by good faith efforts alone. Indeed, it has been increasingly asking federal contractors to engineer results, and with such a premise, it is more important than ever to track the results of your outreach. We provide comprehensive reporting and tracking of results by individual job postings, and in aggregate, through our view and click data information. In many instances, we also work with your ATS provider to insert the tracking codes for such information. End-to-end data tracking is critical for your success – not only to measure the effectiveness of your overall internet recruitment and OFCCP compliance efforts, but also to find out the relative ROI of your various recruitment channels. We help you optimize your hiring results and effectiveness year after year. Incessant focus on data tracking and analytics separates JOBfindah from the legacy providers in the market.

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Audit Documentation: Increasingly, OFCCP auditors are demanding PROOF of your actual outreach program during an Audit. The biggest challenge many organizations face during an audit (which generally occurs a year or two AFTER a job was posted) is to gather all the information requested by the auditors. At JOBfindah, we not only save and archive critical outreach data, but also give you the ability to access and download detailed distribution data, including archived ‘screenshots’ of your postings, as well as precise contact information of the job posting recipients, whenever you need. Proof of outreach is perhaps the most critical piece of information needed in an audit situation, and our compliance solution gives you everything you need, right at your fingertips. In addition, our audit support specialists are here to help you navigate the audit process. In short, JOBfindah gives you the peace of mind for a successful compliance audit.

Our Savings Guarantee

Last but not least, with JOBfindah you find a partner that provides you solutions at a price that is affordable. Unlike some of the legacy service providers who charge you an annual flat fee no matter how large or small your organization is and regardless of the volume of open job postings, we offer you tiered pricing that is based on your level of need and actual use. You still get all the features, functionalities, and software access – but at a more affordable price based on your job volume. If your business grows and hiring picks up, you could always move up to a larger plan. At JobFindah, you pay for just what you need, not for what you don’t. Our internal study has revealed that customers save from 25% – 80% when using JOBfindah. There are three ways we keep our prices lower than the competition – by using modern cloud based technology, by optimizing our processes through use of people and technology in the right mix, and by keeping our overheads low. We keep our costs down so we can guarantee that you will get the most bang for your money.


The JOBfindah Diversity Network

In addition to the flagship JOBfindah employment site, we operate four diversity focused employment sites specifically designed to attract and engage qualified candidates from under-represented groups. This includes sites for the veterans, minorities, women and people with disabilities.

Hire Disabilty
Hire Women
Hire Minorities