OFCCP Documentation

OFCCP Documentation : Records of Job Posting, Outreach and Results


Maintaining OFCCP documentation for a compliance audit is the most important part of a successful OFCCP compliance program. Studies suggest that the number one reason for failure in an audit is lack of proper OFCCP documentation and reports to show a contractor’s good faith effort. Increasingly OFCCP auditors ask for proof of mandatory job posting to the state ESDS. They are also interested to see proof of your outreach to local diversity organizations for applicant referral. JOBfindah stands out in the market with an emphasis on reporting and documentation. Complete reports, documentation and outreach details are saved to ensure that customers are always prepared for an audit. Your reports and documentation and reports are available anytime just a click away in your account. We create, capture and collect all records and documentation you need in your account. Examples include job posting history with all associated details, record of job postings, screenshot of job posting on the state ESDS, detail records of outreach to local diversity organizations and workforce centers, view and click details, and more. 


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Proof of job listing

Proof of Job Listings on Employment Service Delivery Systems (ESDS)


OFCCP’s mandatory job listing requirement mandates that contractors must post job openings with the appropriate state job bank (ESDS) for priority veteran referral. After posting your job on the state ESDS, we capture a PDF screenshot of your job posting as evidence of your job posting in case of an audit. In addition, a confirmation of the job posting with state provided ID number, along with job posting and expiration date are saved. JOBfindah ensures that you have all the necessary documentation and all vital information to be successful in an OFCCP audit.


Affirmative Action Outreach

Affirmative Action with Outreach Partner Management System (OPMS)


Our Outreach Partner Management System (OPMS) provides the tools and resources to accomplish your Affirmative Action goals leveraging our database of thousands of local community organizations. Job postings are automatically sent to outreach contacts local to your job opening. Organizations are broken into various categories so that you can optimize based on your AAP plan. Download your actual outreach data for AAP, communicate with outreach contacts and engage in conversations. You can even add new outreach activity and contacts to optimize and expand your AAP effectiveness.

OFCCP Reports

OFCCP Documentation and Record Retention Requirements


OFCCP requires contractors to maintain records for three (3) years. Our reporting system stores your documentation and reports for the required duration and gives you the ability to search and retrieve based on various criteria. You have access to all jobs in your account with all information, including link to the jobs and all reports even after a job is expired. In addition, you can store and maintain record of your applicants, outreach and hires. If using our Applicant Tracking System, you also have access to resumes and other data for the required period.  When it comes to documentation and record keeping, JOBfindah offers you the comfort of meeting the OFCCP regulations.


The JOBfindah OFCCP Compliance Solution for Federal Contractors

Our OFCCP compliance solution for federal contractor recruiting is an easy, effective and affordable way to ensure that your recruiting program complies with these regulations. Our integrated job posting, distribution, outreach and reporting solution does all the heavy lifting and frees you up from the laborious and administrative details while delivering diverse applicants for your open jobs. Fill up the form below or request a demo today.

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