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Outreach Management for Local Diversity Recruiting

Federal contractors are increasingly expected to forge partnerships with local organizations who are engaged in job training and career assistance programs in the community. Not only is outreach management an effective way to identify and recruit from local communities, outreach management is also an important vehicle for affirmative action purposes by tapping into underrepresented groups. In most cases, services offered by the local organizations are free of cost, and helps the contractor extend recruiting reach beyond its internal staff.

However, developing meaningful outreach for relationships with local organizations is very time consuming without productive tools. It takes significant effort to identify local organizations, and then it takes even more time to reach out and communicate with them regularly, with a consistent message about your company, job openings and recruiting priorities. In addition, it takes time and tools to maintain records of outreach, follow-up plans, and supporting documentation. The challenges are even greater for distributed recruiting teams with a national footprint where such local outreach must be coordinated.

The JOBfindah compliance solution already incorporates an automatic and systematic outreach program where job openings are automatically sent to local workforce development centers and local diversity organizations. Such outreach establishes a baseline sufficient for compliance purposes, and does not require any time spent by the contractor.

Our outreach management system (OPMS) goes a step further and gives contractors tools to supplement standard outreach with a more tailored and personalized approach. Such tailored outreach is built around a contractor’s specific needs and priorities based on affirmative action plan. The OPMS system enables contractors to easily manage their partner contact library, create and deliver a communication stream, automatically populate outreach activities, and maintain documentation to track annual progress towards outreach and recruiting goals.

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Outreach as Personal and Meaningful As Your Recruiting


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Search and Identify Partner Organizations for Outreach: Search from our library of thousands of local organizations and individual contacts to easily identify organizations that match your outreach criteria. Search by zip code or by type of organization – i.e. a veteran center, disability rehabilitation organization, a community college, or any of the other types. Tag them for your personal outreach to avoid duplicates within your teams. Our extensive library of partners and easy search tools make it super easy to identify local partners.

Outreach communications

Communicate with Partners Right Here: Easily communicate with any of the partners from within the OPMS in your own words or using customizable or saved templates. Share your job postings, recruiting messages, or simply exchange ideas by emails or schedule a phone conversation. Introduce your recruiting teams to the local partners and invite them for collaboration. Record a summary of phone conversations, or minutes of face to face meetings or other events.


Schedule Automatic Follow-Ups: Once individual relationships with partner organizations are established, schedule regular follow-ups by setting up recurring communication streams in regular intervals, or as appropriate. Send new job openings, personalize your messages and express your company brand with company logo, email banners or other imagery. Set up once and watch it happen automatically without having to lift a finger. Use the OPMS system and make your communications as personal and meaningful as you like.

record outreach reports

Maintain Records and Coordinate with Team:  Invite members of your team to collaborate and widen your overall outreach program. A program administrator can assign individual objectives for others as well as team to discuss progress together. The OPMS system gives the ability to download reports for individual members or for your whole team. These reports are useful not only for compliance audit situations, but also to measure and manage your progress for internal review and adjustments.