Compensation Interview Webinar

Compensation Interview


Compensation discrimination is a hot topic for 2018, and it is a top priority for federal and state enforcement agencies. OFCCP, Wage and Hour, and EEOC often conducts a “compensation interview” to better understand an employer’s compensation practices. However, many employers are often unprepared for such interviews. Many are not able to properly explain their compensation plan and pay decisions, and not prepared to answer the government’s questions. This webinar will focus on how to survive the compensation interview process, do’s and don’ts, and practical strategies for successfully explaining your pay practices to DOL enforcement agencies.

Jobfindah Network is pleased to announce this complimentary webinar on “The Compensation Interview” presented by one of the pre-eminent experts in the area, Tim Orellano, the President of The Human Resources Team, a leading human resources management consulting company. The webinar is scheduled for February 27, at 2:00 pm eastern.

Addressing compensation discrimination is a top enforcement priority for the Department of Labor, including OFCCP, EEOC, and numerous states whose pay discrimination laws have recently been amended or updated. One tool in the OFCCP’s and EEOC tool box is the compensation interview, which is used to help the agency better understand an employer’s compensation process and pay decisions.


The webinar will focus on the compensation interview process, do’s and don’ts for answering the DOL and yes plaintiff attorneys’ questions, and practical strategies that will allow companies to successfully explain and defend their pay practices to the government.


Participants will learn what questions to expect during a compensation interview with EEOC, OFCCP or third parties, how to proactively prepare the compensation team for the questions that will be asked, tips for how to respond to common areas of inquiry, and an explanation of how the government will use the information shared. Learning objectives for the webinar are:

Practical, proactive strategies to prepare for a compensation interview.

Tips for responding to common questions about pay practices and decisions.

Understanding how the EEOC and OFCCP uses the information shared during the compensation interview.

Our Presenter, Tim Orellano, PHR, SHRM-CP is the President of The Human Resources Team, a human resources management consulting company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has over 30 years of human resources management experience in the manufacturing, service, healthcare and financial industries. He serves clients, coast to coast covering diverse industries, in preparing and supporting their Affirmative Action Plan compliance, implementation, training and audit support.


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