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Would You Please Tell Us About Yourself?

Employers are interested to hire candidates with diverse backgrounds, and your input helps us provide them aggregate information aboutapplicants. Please note that any information you provide is analyzed in aggregate, and in no way connected back to you individually in any fashion. Sharing your information is completely voluntary and does not influence any hiring decision.

No, I don’t want to share my information.
1 Your Ethnicity :

Do you identify with any of the following groups?

  • Hispanic or Latino
  • African American or Black
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • Asian or South East Asian
  • White or European
  • Mixed Races
2 Veteran Status :

Are you a Veteran of the US armed forces?

  • Yes
  • No
3 Disability Status :

Do you have a mental or physical disability?

  • Yes
  • No
4 Your Gender :

  • Male
  • Female
  • Other
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